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5 Simple Real Estate Photography Tips for Powerful Results

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Real estate is a dynamically growing market that is attracting many investors all over the world. This has led to many photographers to take up real estate photography, and many are making it a full-time job.

In order to market your work as a real estate photographer, you must produce beautiful, consistent and the best real estate photographs ever! But how will you facilitate this? If you want to get started in building a real estate photography career and don’t know where to start, then the tips below are a great start!

Outdoor shots is part of every real estate photography shoot list

Real Estate Photography Tips

1. Plan Everything Ahead

There is nothing worse than attending a job and finding out something is defective. Prepare your camera gear by ensuring that all the necessities like charging your batteries, creating enough space in your memory card and packing everything.

Moreover, other things like a tripod, some flashes, light stands and good adjustable lens will show your professionalism and readiness to get the job done. Ensure everything you need is set the night before the shoot out to avoid any predicament.

2. Come Up With a Standard Shot List For Various Properties

Before the shoot-out, you must prepare a standard shot list for multiple properties.

You want typical shots during your work because you won’t find identical homes. You must obtain all the must-have shots to act as a point of reference in case any distraction arises. Besides, you can easily share the information with your agent to tip him/her what to expect from your photo shooting experience.

If you aim at shooting real estate photographs, then know what’s supposed to be covered and at what time.

3. Inspect The Home Before The Shooting

Every property is different hence getting a feel for the compound before the working will enhance the shooting experience.

The house should be clutter free if you want clean and best photos. Most homeowners clutter their homes with small things without having an idea, and if not decluttered they will stand out in your photos.

Ensure that the homeowners keep all the surfaces like coffee tables, countertops, and desks as clean as possible. Leave 1 to 3 items for decorative purposes.

Walking through the compound will help you to mentally note the best angles and what items need to be decluttered. Also, it enables you to know which areas are ready for you and which spaces need some time of tidying up. Knowing all this will help you determine what order you will want to start taking the photographs.

4. Have both contract and insurance

These two things shouldn’t be a no-brainer for any photographer to effectively perform the task. You may plan to do a quick 20-minute shoot out but end up spending like 5 hours of cleaning and setting up an estate which wasn’t ready for photographing. This mostly happens to naïve photographers who want quick cash but end up wasting their time.

To prevent all this, ensure that you have full job details and that you are being compensated for your work and time by signing a contract outlining all the job details.

During your entire shoot, you can be paranoid about touching or moving the homeowner’s property. What if you break something? Does your standard liability insurance cover you? As a real estate photographer, you must own insurance before accepting any job to cover you in case of an accident fully.

5. Apply advanced techniques of editing or hire a photo editing service

If you want to make your photos stand out above the average snapshot, use advanced editing like a graduated filter with cloud/ocean/sky presets or use presets to get a consistent look.

Remember to consult your agent before editing as some agents require original photographs. Create your own style if you want to stand out the best

Besides, if you don’t have enough time to edit your photos or you needed to deliver a volume order within a limited time, opt to hire a real estate photos editing service to help you beat the deadline. This will save you some time with a few bucks expenditure!

Conclusion words

In every work you attend, be flexible as much as possible to get everything done. Always have a quick turn around because the real estate niche is driven by timing, price, and location. It’s better to employ a fast pace in every task.

What is your best tip for capturing stunning real estate photos?

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  1. My husband and I are looking for a real estate photography service for the condo unit we’re planning to sell downtown. We bought a penthouse suite in an upscale condominium in the middle of the city during our first year of marriage, and we moved to a single-family home in the suburbs a year ago when I got pregnant with our first child. Now, we’re selling the condo since we don’t plan on using it anymore. I like that you said we should inspect our unit before the shoot starts to make sure it’s clutter-free and only leave 1 to 3 items on the countertops and desks for decorative purpose. I’ll take note of that tip. Thanks a lot!


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