About Photography-RAW

About Photography-RAW

Photography-RAW started out as a personal blog (called dam-photo.com) in 2015, created by me, Peter Bredahl Dam.

As the blog continued to grow I wanted to help photographers improve their photography skills even more. Therefore, at the beginning of 2019, I changed the blog to be a website with multiple authors contributing with articles and in this way, we could publish more articles and help our readers grow no matter whether they used Photoshop or Affinity Photo. No matter whether they use a Canon, Nikon, Fuji or Sony camera.

So with the change, we went from publishing merely 8-10 articles a year to be able to publish 1-2 high-quality photography articles per week. A number we will continue to increase as the website grows.

What’s the story of me and my camera?

I have always been passionate about photography. As a kid in the 80’s, I would take my camera, tripod and a couple of film rolls out for a walk late in the evening – to make long exposure night photos. Or I would go to a nearby forest or lake to take pictures of the local wildlife. Later I would take the films and develop them in black and white in a dark room. I remember I loved being there – just me and the camera or just me and the dark room, where my passion sucked me into a state of flow.

Since then I have been amazed by the impact photos can have on people including myself and the joy it can give both the viewers but also the photographer. When I restarted my passion for photography, I decided to give it full steam – and learn as much as I could about photography, both the art and the technical side of it – and also the world around photography.

I enjoy shooting a variety of different genres within photography, but mainly: Landscape, wildlife and nature photography.

As in In-house photographer I have extensively used Lightroom / Photoshop, but for my own photography I primarily use Capture One Pro / Affinity Photo and Nik Collection.

Anyway, have fun browsing the website. And remember, if you have any questions about this site or anything we write, please write a comment on the specific page/post or drop us an email using the contact form on the contact page. Thanks.

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