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Give Your Images a Professional Look by Using Macros in Affinity Photo

  • 21  Affinity Photo Macros
  • 15 Bonus Crop Presets

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Do you want to get a more professional look for your images while using Affinity Photo?

And do you want to be able to apply the same professional look to multiple photos without a lot of effort? Our professional Evolve Macro Package for Affinity Photo is all about giving your photos a professional look in a matter of seconds with as little effort as possible.

Most photographers find it challenging to give their photos a creative look that also looks amazing. You will find that the macros included in the Affinity Photo Macro Package 2 – Evolve helps you do just that. Get creative and find a look that suits your image, and then tweak the result for that perfect polished look.

Take a look at this short intro for just some of the possibilities and flexibility you get with this macro package.

Customizable Result

Each macro is customizable. We don’t merge or hide any layers in our macros, allowing you to tweak any settings or adjustment layers to your liking.

You can change the opacity of each layer to emphasize or get a more subtle effect. Some macros even let you adjust the whole look and impact using a single or a few sliders.

Batch Process your Images

If you find that it is too much work, to process each image, you can make Affinity Photo apply one or several macros as part of a batch process. Batch processing images in Affinity Photo is optimized to work with macros and will output all the images you want into a specific folder, applying the macro(s) you tell it. You can process hundreds or thousands of images in a matter of minutes.

Macros included in the Affinity Photo Macro Pack 2: Evolve

  • Color Toning – Yellow Highlights / Blue Midtones
  • Bleach Bypass
  • Film Grain SimulationHigh-contrast Black and White
  • Instagram Amaro FilterBright & AiryOrange-Teal Look
  • Black and White Matte Effect
  • Matte Effect
  • Faded Green Nature
  • Golden Shine
  • Warm Toning
  • Gritty HDR Sport
  • High Key
  • Low Key
  • Epic Cinematic Effect
  • Warm Summer Dark Fairy Toning (Red-Orange)Sci-fi
  • Double Neon Exposure
  • Retro Grainy Film Effect
  • Simple Black and White Film Noir

Bonus: Cropping Presets for Affinity Photo

When your photos look absolutely amazing, it is time to share it, but it can be difficult to remember all the different recommended sizes or dimensions for sharing your photos online. That is why we extend this already excellent Affinity Photo Macro package, with a special bonus for you.

You get 15 crop presets for Affinity Photo which helps you crop images to recommended dimensions for select social media platforms.

  • Facebook Shared Image 1200:630 px
  • Facebook Cover Photo 820:312 px
  • Facebook Event Image 1920:1080 px
  • LinkedIn Personal Background 1584:396 px
  • LinkedIn Company Background 1536:768 px
  • LinkedIn Hero Image 1128:376 px
  • LinkedIn Business Banner 646: 220 px
  • YouTube Channel Cover 3560:1440 px
  • YouTube Video Uploads 1280:720px
  • Instagram 1080:1080 px
  • Twitter Header Photo 1500:500 px
  • Twitter In-Stram Photo 440:220 px
  • Twitter Ads 800:428 px
  • Pinterest Standard Pin 1500:1000 px
  • Pinterest Board Display 222:150 px

These cropping presets allow you to constrain the crop tool to the recommended dimensions for, i.e., Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more, without you needing to remember the recommended dimensions for each platform. In order to import the cropping preset, follow these quick instructions.

How to Import the Macro Package in Affinity Photo?

Just follow the instructions here on how to import the macros in Affinity Photo.

Get the Affinity Photo Macros 2: Evolve Package Now and Begin a Creative Editing Journey

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60 Days Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be happy when you buy this Affinity Photo Macros 2: Evolve package. And we’re confident that you will be. It will help you become a better photographer. If, you’re not satisfied with the product, please tell us and we’ll refund you the full amount. No questions asked.

Update the macros to new versions for free

With each new major version of Affinity Photo, we will check that the macros are still functional and update them in case they need it.

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