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Affinity Photo Macros and Video Course now available as a bundle (Save 20%)

It is now possible to get the popular Affinity Photo Macros together with my new Affinity Photo Workflow Video Course.

When you buy these together, you automatically get a 20% discount, compared to buying them separately. So if you seek to get the most out of Affinity Photo, go to the store and get both. You will automatically get 20% off your order.

Affinity Photo Macros for Photographers will take the workload off processing your images in Affinity Photo. If you are unsure, what macros are, they are equal to actions are in Photoshop.

Macros can speed up your workflow and give you great looking photos in a snap. You can for instance achieve movie like effects with a single click and then modify the strength and other specific settings to get the result that fits your particular image. You can take the pain out of performing the same and often complex steps over and over again.

The Affinity Photo Workflow Video Course, will let you begin to use Affinity Photo like a PRO with confidence.You get:

  • Start-to-Finish Affinity Photo workflow explained. Get to know all the post-processing steps: from opening a RAW file to publishing or printing the finished image.
  • 140 minutes of video content, including explanations of key processing techniques and case videos.
  • 3 bonus workflow macros included. Specially designed for this video course.
  • Everything you need to establish your own non-destructive workflow using Affinity Photo.


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