Affinity Photo Macros For Photographers

Don't waste time editing. Take creative shortcuts using Macros

  • 7  Affinity Photo Workflow Macros
  • 19 "Preset-like" Look & Styles Macros

Works on:

Affinity Photo Macros for Photographers - Mockup

What’s included in the Affinity Photo Macros Pack?

In this Affinity Photo Macro Pack designed specifically with photographers in mind, you get a wide assortment of unique 26 macros, that help you get the most out of Affinity Photo.

They will help you go from a raw, unedited image from the camera to amazing in just a few seconds.

The Affinity Macros for Photographers are designed to help you achieve both the everyday tasks you do again and again in Affinity and special tasks, that are difficult to remember because you only use them occasionally.

The Affinity macros/actions are fully adjustable and transparent in letting you see, what they do.

Many of the macros enable you to change the effect strength. Double click on the layers generated by the macros to modify the settings, so it fits your particular image and makes your photos stand out.

Each layer is preserved in the layers panel, no matter whether it is live filters, white balance adjustment layers, or sharpening filters. The ‘hard work' of doing a number of specific things in a particular order has been taken care of with these macros that can help all photographers to speed up their editing process. However, we make sure you are still in control.

The result is easily adjusted and the macros work non-destructively wherever possible, preserving the original image. You can apply blending ranges or layer masks to limit the effect to specific areas.

Sure you can get a few macros for free download, however, I really don't believe it is worth the effort to spend a lot of time on using lower quality macros without any possibility of getting support.

Take a look at what's included in the Macro Package:

  • Dodge and Burn Layer
  • High Pass Local Contrast Brush
  • Structure & Contrast
  • Detail Extractor Brush
  • Pro Contrast
  • Edge Mask
  • Local Contrast

Workflow Macros

"Preset Like" Look & Styles Macros

  • Lomo Effect
  • Retro Effect
  • Movie Coloring Effect 1 & 2
  • Fall Foliage Effect 1 & 2
  • Gold Reflector Effect

You can enhance a variety of Photos by applying the Fall Foliage Macro

  • Orton Effect
  • Sunrise Tractor on the Beach
  • Sephia Lite China Doll
  • Faded Vintage
  • Soft Pastel Look
Model in snow

Soft Pastel Macro Applied

man doing pose

Black & White Desert Skull Macro applied

  • 3 Different Black and White Effect Macros
  • Bleached Bull
  • Desaturated Cow
  • Bi-Color Pastel Flowers
  • Boys Will Be Boys
  • Mongolian Eagle Master

Don’t just take my word for it. Look at what our customers say:

Installed and works wonderful. Very time saving. What I really enjoy is if I’m not happy with the results, you can change it back very easily.
Thank you so much!!

David Hansen, United States

I love the macros. Very beneficial as I transition to Affinity from Photoshop. Make more please!!! The actions are what I miss most!
I appreciate the videos course as well. I’m sure they will make this transition easier also. Thank you!

Angella Watson, United States

Wow these macros are excellent they have given a novice like me a boost in confidence and fired up my creativity

Jon Wheelahan, Australia

Get Ready To Optimize Your Image Editing Workflow With Professional Macros

Get these macros at an incredibly low price, compared to the hours you can save in post-processing your image to get the look you want.

Stop repeating the same steps again and again in Affinity Photo, get this package now and get mesmerizing effects in no time. Just hit the play button instead.

Batch Process Entire Folders of Photos With Affinity Photo Macros

All of our macros are compatible with batch processing. If you want to give a lot of images the same look, you can use the inbuilt batch processing feature of Affinity Photo, and select one or several macros to include on as many images as you like in one process.

How to Install the Macro Package in Affinity Photo?

Just follow the instructions here on how to import the macros in Affinity Photo.

In short, you should:

  • Download the zip file and unzip it, make sure you remember where you place the unzipped macro files.
  • Add it to the library panel (not the macro panel, which is for macro recording). If you cannot see the Library panel, go to View > Studio > Library Panel (make sure it is checked).

Get the Bundle now and edit faster and smarter in Affinity Photo

After you complete the payment process, you are taken directly to the download page, so you can get started with using the Affinity Photo Macros included in this package right away. Your license covers unlimited personal use.

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We want you to be happy when you buy this Affinity Photo Macros for Photographers. And we’re confident that you will be. It will help you become a better photographer.

If, you’re not satisfied with the product, please tell us and we’ll refund you the full amount. No questions asked.

Update the macros to new versions for free

With each new major version of Affinity Photo, the macros are tested to still be functional and update for maximum compatibility.

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