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Affinity Photo Updates

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With Affinity Photo updates being free until we reach version 2.0, it is great to stay updated with the latest features and bug fixes in Affinity Photo.

In this article, we focus on what each Affinity Photo update brings to the table for photographers. We don’t cover all tiny aspects but only those that make a difference to you as a photographer. As additional Affinity Photo updates are released, we will add the most important features here. If you have any comments or points to make about the updates, feel free to write them in the comments below and share them with other users. 

Affinity Photo 1.8.4 Update: 

The main focus of this Affinity Photo update is small fixes and small tweaks to improve performance and stability.

Affinity Photo 1.8.4 Fixes & improvements

  • Better support for Sigma Camera files (X3F)
  • Redo is no longer a step behind when using the Develop Persona
  • You can now import PSD files with extended blend modes
  • Fixed occasional crashes when loading RAW files
  • Mask thumbnails now use black instead of transparent colors. It should make the mask thumbnails clearer.
  • Affinity Photo no longer crashes when making selections (under specific circumstances)
  • Macros: Allowing saving a document with history to be recorded as a macro
  • Fixed various graphic tablet input issues like flickering brush, and problems with the color editor
  • Improved layers panel: It now shows folders as icons and with an option to show these folders as “small.” Dragging behavior is also improved.
  • Minor CR3 files support tweaks + added Canon EOS-1D Mark III to the list of known cameras
  • Fixed specific RAW files appearing too dark
  • Layer blend modes now allow scrolling with arrow keys.
  • Fixes to the Develop Persona, including avoiding rotating or adding guides were darkening the image.
  • Fixed gradients not changing when Global Colour is modified
  • The Red Eye Removal Tool no longer crashes in Develop Mode.
  • You will also no longer see units from the Crop Tools ratio option.
  • Numerous other smaller fixes and improvements.

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Affinity Photo 1.8 Update: 

Serif’s 1.8 upgrade of Affinity Photo was a bigger one and included several great improvements. 

One of them was to support importing PSD smart objects, as embedded documents, even on the iPad version of Affinity Photo. This allows you to edit layers within smart objects. 

Affinity 1.8 also included much-improved plugin support, including support for Nik Collection plugins from DXO. Also, manual override of lens correction in the Develop mode deserves mentioning from this update.

Further improvements are improved metadata handling. With 1.8 of Affinity Photo you are able to edit image metadata in the metadata panel, including the IPTC standard for copyright and other information. You can also batch process entire folders of photos and tag them with copyright info, and other info. 

 With Affinity Photo 1.8 came support for Canon’s CR3 RAW format.


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