Affinity Photo Course: Beginners and Workflow

Stop fumbling around in Affinity Photo. Get this Affinity Photo Training Course and begin to use it like a PRO

  • Start-to-Finish Affinity Photo workflow explained: from opening a RAW file to publishing or printing the finished image
  • 140 minutes of video content, including explanations of key processing techniques and case videos
  • 3 bonus workflow macros included. Specially designed for this video course

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Are you new to using Affinity Photo? 

Or do you want to get more comfortable using it to create professional looking photos?

Start to Finish Workflow

The Affinity Photo video course will help you go from a raw, unedited photo to an amazing professional looking image based on a proven post-processing workflow. 
Affinity Photo is a powerful, but also a bit complex photo editing software because it is filled with features. Just like Photoshop. But because it is so powerful and has a tonne of features, it can also be quite a handful to learn to master its features. Therefore I have created this Affinity Photo video course.

Take advantage of
 the powerful tools in Affinity Photo

Learn the tools step by step in this Affinity Photo Online Course

This video course for Affinity Photo is designed to help you gain confidence in creating both quick edits and complex and thorough photo editing. In my workflow, I also suggest that you sometimes use Nik Collection plugins, as it does have some areas where it leads to better are results than by doing everything in Affinity Photo. However, I also show you the methods to create a pure Affinity Photo workflow.

What Is Included In These Affinity Photo Training Videos?

13 Video Topics that will will help you master Affinity Photo

Getting to know Affinity Photo

Duration: 11m 20s

Find your way around Affinity Photo.

Cropping and Spot removal

Duration: 7m 38s

Get annoyances out of the way.

Working with masks in Affinity Photo

Duration: 15m 6s

Master creating precise masks.

Working with layers in Affinity Photo

Duration: 10m 31s

Take advantage of layers to create a non-destructive workflow.

Working with selections in Affinity Photo

Duration: 14m 10s

Use selections to limit effects to specific areas of your image.

Dodge & Burning Non-destructively

Duration: 5m 27s

Learn when and how to dodge and burn non-destructively.

Adjustment layers

Duration: 6m 26s

Enhance your image using adjustment layers.

Live filters: Sharpening, Noise reduction, high pass filter, clarity

Duration: 2m 56s

Using live-filters, and avoid overdoing it.

Using blend ranges with adjustment layers

Duration: 4m 31s

Discover the power of blend ranges based on luminosity values.

Establishing your workflow + Case 1: Landscape photos

Duration: 20m 53s

I share my complete editing workflow from start to finish.

Case: Workflow steps for processing a photo into black and white

Duration: 14m 14s

Tips for Black and White editing.

Case: Quick edit workflow using macros

Duration: 7m 20s

How to quickly edit your photos using macros.

Sharpening and resizing for the web 

Duration: 6m 32s

Learn professional sharpening techniques.

Finalizing for print

Duration: 17m 15s

Make your masterpiece ready for printing.

 About the Instructor

I have been using Affinity Photo for my nature and landscape photography for years.

Before Affinity Photo, I used Photoshop, which I still use for some jobs that require it. Switching between these two apps enables me to highlight the differences and where Affinity Photo shines.

I have a straightforward and concise teaching style and avoids rambling off for hours. Your time is precious, and I don't waste it by showing you a lot of techniques that are not relevant to your photography.

I believe that this is one of the best Affinity Photo courses or online education for this software that is available. 

Peter Dam Profile Photo

What Will You Learn In The Video Course for Affinity Photo?

In the Affinity Photo video course, you will build and train your post-processing skills in Affinity Photo. You will learn about all the necessary tools and features to build a solid and proven workflow in Affinity Photo that suits your style of editing. You will learn to process landscape and nature photos in a professional way for amazing results.

As you watch this video course and put it into practice, you will gain confidence in using the most essential features of Affinity Photo.

This Affinity Photo essential training focuses on the tools and features important to master as part of a professional photo-editing workflow, instead of teaching you all the features Affinity Photo offers, or special effects that you will never end up using.

 You can also choose to watch specific video sections if you feel that you need to know more about specific features and functions in Affinity Photo.

Unlike free courses or most Affinity Photo tutorials, this course covers the basics in easy-to-follow steps allowing you to learn Affinity Photo without a lot of effort.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • When to sharpen your image? Is it done in the beginning as a final step or both? 
  • How to handle noise in your image?
  • How to remove spots and unwanted objects in your image?
  • How to work with and master layers, masks, selections, and how these affect and support each other.
  • How to build a professional post-processing workflow in Affinity Photo that you can rely on for all your images.
  • How to dodge and burn the right way?
  • How to sharpen and resize your images, so they look amazing and sharp on the web?
  • How to use plugins like Nik Collection by Google/DXO to improve your workflow.

What Our Customers Say :

Just wanted to thank you for your Affinity video course.  

You’ve opened up a whole new world for me in photo editing.  Your videos were easy to follow and understand and they provided a wealth of information not only for the Affinity app but for any photo editing app or module.  

I appreciate the additional cheat sheets and photography tips and skills as well.  Thank so much again for providing these resources.  Best 30 dollars I’ve spent in a long time…

– Katrina, US

This video course explains, in a simple way, how Affinity Photo works from the very beginning, allowing you to work with Affinity Photo professionally and with pleasure.

With the help of this video course, you can grasp the whole process from editing a RAW photo to getting an amazing professional picture, which can be printed or posted anywhere


– Tata Rossi, writer-photographer for FixThePhoto

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Besides this video course, you will also get 3 bonus workflow macros specially designed for this video course that will help you create quicker edits.

You will, of course, get future updates and new videos added to the course for free.

Affinity Photo Workflow Cheat Sheet - bonus for Affinity Photo Course

I have also included a cheat sheet that guides you through the entire workflow from start to finish. It helps you both to remember, but also gives you the suggested editing order. When should you sharpen, or do noise reductions, when should you crop, or add adjustment layers, and so on.


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