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10 Useful Camera Accessories for Macro Photography

Do you want to take more macro photos? Did you know there are over 151 types of flowers in the U.S. alone? By using macro photography, you can capture each one with incredible detail. 

With the rise in technology, photography has improved. You are now able to take photos at a far shorter distance than you once were able to. 

To improve your macro photography, you sometimes need to upgrade your macro lens or accessories. This guide shows you 10 great accessories to up your macro photography setup.

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Macro Photography and You

Macro photography is becoming more popular with each passing year. Photographers of all levels can create some beautiful close-up shots of both flowers and insects, in a range of unique and exciting ways. 

To be able to take these shots may need more than just a keen eye for detail. There is a range of products available for you to use. 

If you are unsure of ideas on macro photography, this article may help.

On to the list of accessories:

1. PhotoTrust 5 in 1 Pocket Reflector.

pocket reflector

The PhotoTrust 5 in 1 is a portable reflector with a reversible sleeve. When you remove the sleeve the circular frame acts as a diffuser.

Due to its small size of this collapsible reflector, it can easily be carried between locations when capturing your artwork. It’s perfect for macro photography. You don’t need a large reflector/diffuser to cover what you photograph. 

Adding this accessory to your kit will help you achieve a professional shot, and you can modify the color of the bounced light by using the white reflector, or the silver / gold reflector disc, and direct the sunlight towards your subject.

2. Novoflex Balpro 1 Universal Bellows

The Novoflex Balpro 1 Universal Bellows is an incredibly versatile set of macro bellows. You can attach a wide range of lens combinations and camera systems. 

The bellows allow you to adjust the macro distance of your shot by changing the length of the bellows.

Balbro 1 Bellows

3. JJC Reversing Ring

The JJC reversing ring is perfect for beginners, who want to use their kit lens for macro photography instead of investing in a dedicated macro lens. It is one of the cheaper options and is available in a range of thread sizes. 

Most companies will only create lenses that attach to their cameras alone. But what if you want to connect a lens to your camera that the thread doesn’t match?

A very clever person created a reversing ring for this exact purpose. This accessory allows you to attach a range of optics to an option of cameras. You will need to buy the correct thread adapter for what you need.

4.Wimberley the Plamp 2

When you are out on a shoot, do you find the wind can often ruin your shot? With Wimberley the Plamp 2, this problem is easily fixed. 

Attach one end of the Wimberley to your tripod. The other end can be attached to things like diffusers or even plants. 

By carefully clamping a plant in place, the wind won’t move it so much. Stopping the wind will massively help while you are searching for that perfect shot. 

Wimberly the Plamp 2

5. Kenko Extension Tube Set

Kenko Extension Tube Set

Each lens comes with a minimum and maximum distance setting. But, macro extension tubes can alter the minimum focusing distance and thereby achieve much greater magnification. 

The Kenko extension tube set will thread into your camera. Like the reverse ring. Once they are attached, they will give you a larger image through the viewfinder and the end product. 

By have a zoomed view, you can achieve more detail in your photo. Why take a macro photo, if you can take an extreme macro shot. The downside is that the depth-of-field becomes even smaller at greater magnification.

6. Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX

A macro ring flash, or ring lite, is an accessory that attaches around the camera lens. The Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX is perfect for macro photography. 

You can control the level of the flash due to the ring lite’s dual flash tubes. This control is perfect for when objects are close to the camera. 

You can connect to the ring lite wirelessly. Doing this allows you to use the ring lite as part of a multi-flash lighting setup.

7. Venus KX-800 Macro Flash

If you require extra flexibility you might want to consider the Venus KX-800 Flash instead. It is a twin flash system with adjustable arms. You mount it on your camera’s hot shoe and direct the flash heads towards the subject.

The downside is that it is a manual flash and not TTL. However, it is extremely easy to use and great soft light, when you get the additional flash diffuser to mount on each flash unit.

KX800 Macro Flash

8.Velbon Super Mag Slider

Do you find that holding your camera for a macro shot is a bit shaky? Use the Velbon super mag slider to solve this issue. 

The super mag slider allows you to achieve your perfect picture. It does this by giving you the ability to finely tune the depth of field when taking a photo. 

Attaching this to your tripod will give you ultimate control over your shot.

focus rail

9. Adorama Budget Macro Focusing Rail Set

The Adorama budget macro focusing rail for macro photography is effectively the mag slider’s older brother. The mag slider is perfect if you only want to adjust the camera forwards and backward. But, the focusing rail also allows you to finely adjust your camera left and right. 

With locking knobs, you can find your perfect position and ensure it doesn’t move. This ability will help when taking many shots.

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10. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod with SBH-100 Ball Head

Every good photographer needs a tripod. The Vanguard Altra Pro 263AB aluminum tripod would be a great addition to your kit.

With multiple height settings, it is perfect for those low-angle macro shots you may wish to take. It also boasts excellent friction control.

Now you know a few additions to add to your macro photography kit. Which ones will you choose?

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