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Essential Capture One Keyboard Shortcuts

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After using Capture One for a short while, you will surely find out how powerful and flexible it is. However, once you get the hang of how to use Capture One, it is time to make your editing process faster. Learning to use keyboard shortcuts is an effective way to speed things up a bit and save your arm from going sore because of too many mouse clicks.

The way to go about learning to use Capture One Pro keyboard shortcuts is to learn a few basic shortcuts, and only add more, once of know the first one by heart. Slowly add more and more, until you got your entire workflow covered by shortcuts if you like. 

You might want to change the shortcuts assigned if you find some of them don’t make sense to you, or you feel another keyboard assignment to a specific function or tool makes more sense to you.

We will cover how to create your own shortcuts and then suggest the most essential shortcuts to learn.

When you know the basic keyboard shortcuts in Capture One, you will be able to switch between the different tools in Capture one easily. 

You will soon find that as you add shortcuts to your daily workflow in Capture One Pro, you can process more images in the same amount of time. 

The ability to add your own keyboard shortcuts is a feature that separates Capture One from other photo editors like Lightroom, as being a tool for professional photographers.

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How to Create Custom Shortcuts in Capture One Pro

It is easy to create your own specific shortcuts in Capture One Pro. To edit shortcuts, go to the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts menu. 

In the dialog, you can see the default shortcut assignment. You can search the list of keyboard shortcuts based on either the command/tool or the keys assigned. Click on the key field to the right of the Capture One command shortcut and press the keys you want to assign to it. 

Edit keyboard shortcuts dialog in Capture One

While you can create and modify your own keyboard shortcuts, Capture One comes with a rich and mostly logical set of keyboard shortcuts already. Often you won’t find the need to change any of the shortcuts. However, if you switch from Lightroom to C1 (or another photo editor) with a set of shortcuts stuck in your brain, you might want to change the shortcuts to fit your habits for immediate benefit to your workflow.

custom capture one keyboard shortcut set

If you want to add a custom keyboard shortcut, you first need to create a keyboard shortcut set that will store your specific shortcuts along with the other shortcuts. You can do this by clicking on the + icon at the top of the dialog. In the pop-up name your shortcut set and press OK. You can now modify or add shortcuts to any of the commands in the shortcut list.

You can also save/export your own shortcuts set so you can manually synchronize the shortcuts used on all of your computers. You can also use the save/export shortcut feature as a way to backup your shortcuts when switching to a newer version of Capture One. PhaseOne will likely not change shortcuts with a new version. But just in case, you can always load the saved shortcut backup files, and you are back on track.  

Essential Capture One Pro Shortcuts

I have created a list of the most useful Capture One keyboard shortcuts needed to process your images faster.

Capture One shortcuts for Mac shortcuts are listed first followed by Windows shortcuts after the “/”.

Shortcuts for Navigation in Capture One

The tabs in Capture One are, by default, organized from left to right in a way that fits how you would typically move through the entire photo editing workflow. So naturally, the shortcuts also follow this logic with being assign to the tab number from left to right.

Tool Tab 1 / Library Tab: Cmd + Option + 1 / Ctrl + Alt + 1
Tool Tab 2 / Capture Tab: Cmd + Option + 2 / Ctrl + Alt + 2
Tool Tab 3 / Lens Correction Tab: Cmd + Option + 3 / Ctrl + Alt + 3
Tool Tab 4 / Color Tab: Cmd + Option + 4 / Ctrl + Alt + 4
Tool Tab 5 / Exposure Tab: Cmd + Option + 5 / Ctrl + Alt + 5
Tool Tab 6 / Details Tab: Cmd + Option + 6 / Ctrl + Alt + 6
Tool Tab 7 / Adjustments Tab: Cmd + Option + 7 / Ctrl + Alt + 7

The above is already defined by default. If you have other tool tabs visible, you might also want to add those for instance by adding the following shortcuts to Capture One:

Tool Tab 8 / Metadata Tab: Cmd + Option + 8 / Ctrl + Alt + 8
Tool Tab 9 / Output Tab: Cmd + Option + 9 / Ctrl + Alt + 9
Batch Process Tab: Cmd + Option + 0 / Ctrl + Alt + 0

If you rearrange the tool tabs or have other tabs visible, the keyboard shortcut still follows the number sequence. I.e., active keyboard shortcut for Tool tab 3 will always open the third tool tab starting from left to right.

capture one shortcuts

Customize the viewing experience with these shortcuts:

Hide BrowserCmd + B / Ctrl + B
Hide ToolsCmd + T / Ctrl + T
Hide ViewerAlt + Cmd + V / Ctrl + Alt + V
Full View / Full Screen: F

Rating shortcuts:

Star Ratings1-5
Assign Color Tag+ = green, – = red and * = yellow

Zoom Shortcuts:

Zoom In: Cmd + / Ctrl +
Zoom Out: Cmd – / Ctrl – 
Zoom to fit: Cmd 0 / Ctrl 0
Zoom to 100%: Cmd + Option + 0 / Ctrl + Alt + 0

Browse Shortcuts:

Focus Mask: Q
Loupe View: P
Exposure WarningCmd + E / Ctrl + E
Show GridCmd + G / Ctrl + G
Move image to trashCmd + Backspace / Ctrl + Backspace
Delete an image from disk: Cmd + Ctrl + Backspace / Ctrl + Delete

(A note of warning, you will not be able to recover your image again, if you use Delete from Disk. So avoid using this shortcut or remove the shortcut from Capture One all together if you always want images to go to the trash before you actually delete it).

Shortcuts for Editing Images

Crop: C
Brush: B
Eraser Brush: E
Show/Hide Mask: M
Auto Adjust: Cmd + L / Ctrl + L
Rotate Left: Cmd + Option + L / Alt + Ctrl + L
Rotate Right: Cmd + Option + R / Alt + Ctrl + R
UndoCmd + Z / Ctrl + Z
RedoShift + Cmd + Z / Shift + Ctrl + Z
Reset (all adjustments)Cmd + R / Ctrl + R

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Get a Custom Summary of Shortcuts in Capture One

Once you are happy with the defined Capture One shortcuts, you can get a summary page of all the active shortcuts set up in Capture One. Click on the Summary button at the button of the edit shortcut dialog to make Capture One create a webpage with your custom set of shortcuts. Print the summary, if you would like to have it on your desk while you get used to working with shortcuts in Capture One.

Concluding words

Learning the most basic and essential shortcuts for Capture One can significantly improve your workflow. You will likely already be familiar with some of the shortcuts, which are almost universal to photo editing apps, like the zoom shortcuts, and other like rating, full screen, and undo. 

If you feel that some shortcuts in Capture One seem awkward, change them to fit your logic better. There is no need to stick with the default if something else works better for you. 

But without a doubt, your editing process will benefit from getting used to shortcuts for the steps you most frequently use in Capture One.

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