Adventure Photography: Interview with Sandi Bertoncelj

adventure photography interview

Photography Inspiration

This time our photography interview series takes us deep into snow-covered mountains to discover what makes a great adventure photographer. Photography-RAW had the pleasure to ask Sandi Bertoncelj a few questions about his passion for adventure photography and what it takes to excel in this genre of photography.

Interview with Wildlife Photographer Rob Cross

Photography Inspiration

Rob Cross has taken his wildlife photography to levels beyond most of us. His portfolio features kingfishers, stags in the morning light, jumping squirrels, owls, etc. Animals that are on most wildlife photographers to-do list, but that we rarely get a chance to capture. Photography-RAW got the chance to interview him about his approach to wildlife photography.

12 Black and White Photographs that every Photographer Should Know

Black and White, Photography Inspiration

Go slow with these 12 timeless photos. We hope that you read and analyze each and every single shot at a slow rhythm. Try to spend at least 5 minutes with each photograph, and with no distractions by your side. Read the images and find all the meaningful symbols that tell you something about what’s going on in the photo, or in the mind of the photographer. Our main goal is that from here on you’ll start consuming photos at a slower pace, and eventually, this will make you less worried about posting images like crazy across the web.

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