Photography Tips

JPEG vs RAW: The 2019 Version

Does it really matter to shoot in RAW always or could JPEG give you equally good results? In this article, we will take a look at JPEG vs RAW and where the “battle” is today.

Photography Tips

12 Black and White Photographs that every Photographer Should Know

Go slow with these 12 timeless photos. We hope that you read and analyze each and every single shot at a slow rhythm. Try to spend at least 5 minutes with each photograph, and with no distractions by your side. Read the images and find all the meaningful symbols that tell you something about what’s going on in the photo, or in the mind of the photographer. Our main goal is that from here on you’ll start consuming photos at a slower pace, and eventually, this will make you less worried about posting images like crazy across the web.

Photography Tips
Top 15 tips for macro photography

Top 15 Tips for Macro Photography

Are you hesitant to dive into macro photography because it seems too difficult to get started? Or have you already made your first attempts of close up or macro photography only to find the resulting picture looking blurry, poorly lit or otherwise dissatisfactory? … Read moreTop 15 Tips for Macro Photography

Photography Tips
P_Raw_The Essential Guide to Back Button Focus

The Essential Guide to Back Button Focus

Do your photos turn out to be out of focus? Or do you experience trouble with focus shifting when you press the shutter button? In this article, you will learn how to use back button focus on your camera. This will help you to nail focus where you want to … Read more

Photography Tips
Light Leaks Photography

Avoiding Light Leaks in Long Exposure Photos

One of the most common problems that photographers face when shooting long exposure photography is the issue of ‘false light’ or ‘light leaks’ appearing on the photos. It can be a quite frustrating experience to spend time on setting up your equipment, double-checking the composition, setting the remote timer for … Read more

Photography Tips

5 Sure Fire Elements to Improve your Black and White Photography

Before the invention of Kodachrome in 1936, the only medium that was available to the mass of photographers was black and white photography. With the invention of color printing one would think black and white photography would see it’s demise, but instead, it caused the medium to see a surge in popularity. Loved for its simplicity and raw attitude toward the photograph, learning the art of black and white photography is an expertise that everybody should consider.

To break up a black and white photo, you have to take contrast, shape, form, lighting, and the subject into consideration as separate entities. Color is said to distract away from the subject, so using a black and white scheme can allow the focus to rest on your subject, whether that be a landscape, cityscape or nature. With color photography everywhere, black and white photography allow a much-needed change in the photography world, like a breath of fresh air. But it comes with challenges too.

Below you will find a list of 5 key elements to use in your black and white photography to make stronger photos. Whether you just focus on one of them or include several of these elements in one photo is up to you and your creative choice.

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