How to Use Nik Collection Viveza 2 (2021)

Use control points in Nik Collection Viveza 2

Controlling and fine-tuning colors often means dealing with a lot of layers and masks. However, with the U-point technology available in the Viveza software plugin from Nik Collection, this task becomes considerably easier. The Viveza 2 plugin works with Photoshop, and other editors like Affinity Photo, Capture One, and Lightroom. …

Introduction to Nik Collection: What is it?

What is Nik Collection

Nik Collection is a series of plugins that you install on your computer or Mac. You use Nik Collection plugins to enhance your photos so they look better. The plugins are very powerful and give you great control of how you want to edit your photos. Learn more about how Nik Collection can improve your photo editing workflow.

Luminar for Nik Collection Users

Luminar for Nik Users

As you probably know, the reason for Nik Collection being free is because Google has decided not to continue to develop or support this software. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use it. You can use it for as long as it continues to work on your PC or Mac. …

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