How To Automate Post-Processing in Photoshop


As Photographers, we will often have thousands of photos in our folders. Collecting all these images is the new normal in this era of digital photography and practically unlimited storage capacity. However, the problem begins when we need to start doing post-production work on these images. Learning how to automate post-processing in Photoshop is crucial for speed and sanity.

How to Sharpen Your Photos in Affinity Photo and Nik Collection for Optimal Results?

Nik Collection Raw pre-sharpener

Sharpening is one of the hardest post-processing steps to understand for many photographers. There are several pitfalls and obstacles to overcome in order to take your sharpening skills to a professional level. When should you sharpen, to get the best … Read more

Affinity Photo: Working With Masks

Affinity Photo: Working with Layer Masks

Using layer masks in Affinity Photo is a powerful way to combine parts of several images into a single image or to limit the effect of adjustment layers and filters to only affect part of your image. Layer masks are nondestructive. This means that you can modify them at any stage of your post-processing workflow.

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