Camera Lenses Explained

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One of the most challenging parts of learning photography is to choose camera lenses and other pieces of equipment. Check out our guide and choose what’s best for you.

Best Camera Lens for Family Portraits (2021)

Reviews & Gear

In this article, we explore the best DSLR lens for family portraits. We don’t go so much into details about whether the lenses are for mirrorless cameras or DSLRs. The focal range and aperture recommendations are the same no matter whether you prefer to use a mirrorless system or DSLR. …

Affinity Photo vs. Luminar: A Photographer’s Perspective

Affinity Photo Tutorials, Reviews & Gear

Affinity Photo 1.9 and Luminar 4 have different perspectives on photo editing. The first aims to provide advanced tools for adjusting and fine-tuning each aspect of your photos. The second embraces Artificial Intelligence (AI) and aims to provide automatic tools for fast and efficient editing without too much human intervention. Both of them claim to be the one and only photo editor a photographer needs.

Comparing Zoom vs Prime Lenses – Pros and Cons

Reviews & Gear

Zoom vs. Prime lens, what should I choose? This is the ubiquitous question many photographers ask when they want to buy new cameras and lenses. The truth is, there are so many different lenses for different types of shooting. The debate over zoom vs. prime lens can be confusing! Furthermore, …

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