Best Nikon Lenses for Bird Photography

Bird photography is unimaginable without the use of a quality telephoto lens. Birds are often tiny, very fast, and since it happens in the wild, there’s no control over the light. There are plenty of bird photography lenses available for everyone who has a good Nikon camera bodys. It all depends on the budget, the shooting style, prime or telephoto choice, and brand preference.

How Many Photos Can a Memory Card Hold

Reviews & Gear

Although, you don’t pay too much attention to ordinary little accessories such as memory cards and batteries, you should know how many photos a memory card can hold and choose the right card size for your purposes.

Nikon D7100/D7200 Review

Reviews & Gear

This was my first DSLR camera. Even though it wasn’t a cheap, priced just above $1.000, I preferred a camera that I wouldn’t feel lacked essential features as I explored which way my photography journey would take me. Other photographers that I met started out with very cheap cameras but soon …

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