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Dam-photo changes name to Photography-Raw.com

Dam-photo.com has changed its name and domain to Photography-raw.com.

My blog is growing and becoming more and more popular. So I’m taking this website from being a personal blog to becoming a website for photography enthusiasts with multiple photographers contributing to the website with interesting articles about photography, post-processing and camera gear.

With multiple qualified photographers contributing you will get more interesting tips and tutorials, that can help you move forward to becoming a better photographer.

I’m doing this to be able to better serve the needs of my readers and followers. For example, we all use a vast range of software for editing our photos, and with a personal blog it it difficult for me to help you with your different needs. A lot ask me for more tutorials about using Photoshop or Lightroom. And I would like to help, but I often use Affinity Photo or Nik Collection myself. So it is difficult to give you expert advice and have the time to give you articles that can help you forward. But with other contributing photographers to this website, we can.

In the same thread, I’m a Nikon user. But many who reads this blog uses Canon, Sony, Fuji or something else. With the new website, Photography-raw.com, it is possible to serve my readers and followers better and with more helpful and interesting tips and tutorials for everyone.

I will continuously work on getting more photographers on board that can contribute with content. It is a long process but during 2019, you will find fresh content on this website more often than previously, while we work to finding a good steady pace to serve it to you.

When everything is ready you will automatically be redirected from photography-raw.com to Photography-raw.com

By the way, if you are a semi-pro or professional photographer with good writing skills who wants to get the chance to contribute either with a free guest post or become a regular paid contributor, please contact me with a little info about yourself and links to your portfolio and the two best articles about photography you have ever written.

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