How Referral Links Work on Photography-RAW

How Referral Links Work on Photography-RAW

Photography-RAW wants to provide you with in-depth, high-quality content, and we want to give you even more free content.

Running Photography-RAW is not cheap, though. Enterprise-level web server, newsletter management, and hiring professional photographers as freelance writers all costs.

In many of our articles, we write about how to use different photography products that we believe in. Therefore, it is only natural to partner with some of the companies that sell these products and earn a bit of money through some of the links we have in our articles.

These links are called referral links. They don’t cost you a single cent. However, they tell the respective website that you came from us. Should you buy something from their website within a short period, then we earn a bit of money that helps us pay for the expenses of running a website. It also helps us to provide free content for you continually, so you can build your skills as a photographer.

There is no advertising allowed on Photography-RAW. Companies cannot buy sponsored posts, ads, or pay for better reviews. We write articles about products that we find useful. If we don’t like a product, we won’t bother with writing a review, and we NEVER recommend a product that we don’t like.

If you have a question or comment about how referral links work on Photography-RAW, please contact me, and we will be happy to help answer your questions.

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