How to Install Lightroom Presets?

How to Install Lightroom Presets?

  1. The presets will come in a zip-file. The first step will be to extract the zip files to a folder on your computer. Find the downloaded zip file on your PC/Mac. It will probably be in the standard download folder where things from the internet are placed when you download files to your PC/Mac.
  2. Double click it to extract the contents. A new folder will appear in the same place as you found your zip-file.
  3. On a PC, open Lightroom and click on Edit at the top (next to File), then click on Preferences.  / On a Mac, go to the Lightroom menu (to the left of File). Next, click on Preferences.
  4. In the dialogue that appears there will be several tabs at the top, click on Presets (the second tab).
  5. Click on the button titled, Show Lightroom Develop Presets. 
  6. Double-click on Settings. Paste the folder from your download that holds the .xmp files into the Settings folder.
  7. Congratulations. You’re done!  If Lightroom was open when you copied the Photography-RAW Lightroom presets, you will have to close it and restart it.
  8. Open Lightroom again and go to the Develop module. In the Presets panel on the left side, you should now see the presets ready for use.

Good luck and enjoy the Photography-RAW Lightroom presets.


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