Loading and Saving Photoshop Actions?

Loading and Saving Photoshop Actions?

How to Save / Export Your Own Photoshop Actions?

When you have created your own Photoshop actions, you might want to create a backup, or share them with your friends.

Save or Export your actions by using the Action Panel MenuYou can do this by first selecting an action /action set and then opening the Action Panel Menu in the upper right corner of the Action Panel. Scroll down to the menu item Save Actions… and click it. This will bring up a file dialog enabling you to name the action file. When you save/export you actions must have the suffix .atn in the filename so your PC/Mac will be able to recognize that this is a Photoshop Action file. When you have given a name to the file and chosen a suitable folder, you can hit the OK button.

Now you will have a copy of your Photoshop actions saved as a file outside Photoshop. You can share this file with others so they can benefit from the actions you create, or you can copy them to your other devices that use Photoshop.

How to Load / Install Photoshop Actions?

Installing or loading actions is even easier. There are two methods that you can use.

Load / Install photoshop actions by using the Action Panel MenuThe first method is just locating the Photoshop action file on your computer and double-clicking it. This will open Photoshop (if it is not already open), and load the actions within the .atn file into your Action Panel.

The other method is by using the Action Panel Menu, where you should scroll down to the menu item Load Actions… and click it. In the file dialog that appears, locate the folder where you have already placed the Photoshop action file (.atn) and select the file and press OK.

I hope you feel that this short is helpful.

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