How to Import Cropping Presets in Affinity Photo

How to Import Cropping Presets in Affinity Photo

Using cropping presets in Affinity Photo can save you the trouble of remembering a lot of different output sizes like for example social media output sizes. In Affinity Photo, you can both add, delete, and export your own cropping presets. You can also import cropping presets that you get as a bonus with our Affinity Photo Macros 2 – Evolve Packages.

How to Import Cropping Presets In Affinity Photo:

In order to import cropping presets you should make sure that you have extracted the file with the presets from the zip file if you got them as part of our Affinity Photo Macro 2: Evolve Package. The file containing the cropping presets ends with .aftoolpresets.

To import the cropping presets open the cogwheel in the crop context toolbar, and choose Manage Presets.

In the preset manager click on Import Presets.

In the dialog, find and choose the file ending with .aftoolpresets, and click Import.

You should now have a new category with cropping presets for a number of different social media image sizes.

Now you can close the Preset Manager.

How to Apply a Cropping Preset to an Image:

To apply a crop preset to an image, select the crop tool, click on the cogwheel, and scroll down to the preset category with the crop preset you want to apply to your image. Click on the preset and see the crop boundaries change according to the preset. Once you have the preset you want to use, position the crop boundaries to the image, and then press apply to crop the image.

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