How to Import Macros in Affinity Photo?

How to Import Macros in Affinity Photo?

With version 1.5, Affinity Photo began supporting macros to help photographers improve their workflow and automate steps that you do over and over again.

Macros in Affinity Photo is the same as Actions in Photoshop. You can record a series of actions and play them back on any image you like to apply the same steps or effects to this image.

Enabling the Macro and Library Panel in Affinity Photo

By default, the macro features are disabled in your Affinity Photo workspace. To enable the panels just go to View > Studio > Macro. This will display the macro recorder.

The macro panel in Affinity Photo. Here you can find the recording, stop and play button to the left. On the right side of the panel, you can find the reset, add to library, export and import buttons.

Next, go to View > Studio > Library to display the macro library. The macro library panel is where all your saved and imported macros are shown.

Once enabled, the panels will appear on the left side of the screen. However, you can rearrange them as you like.

The Affinity Photo Library Panel with imported macros

Downloading the Macros From our Website

On the order confirmation page

Click on the download link just below the product name. This will start the download of a zip file. The zip file is placed in the default download folder.

In Finder (Mac) / Windows Explorer (Win)

Locate the downloaded product file and unzip it to a location, that you can easily find again.

Importing Macros in Affinity Photo

To import previously recorded or premium macros into Affinity Photo, select the fly-out menu icon  on the right side of the Library panel and choose Import Macros…..

Next, you should find and select Affinity Macro file, that you wish to import and click Open.

If you want to speed up your workflow and spend less time to get great looking photos, check out the Affinity Photo Macro Pack and the Affinity Photo Workflow Video Course.

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