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How to Load and Use Presets on your Lightroom Mobile App

Writing for has made me expand my knowledge in photo editing. I love learning new techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom, especially when I need to edit my images on the go.

For instance, which is the fastest and more convenient way to edit your photos? In a recent event photoshoot, I had to transfer the photos from my camera on my laptop and use the Lightroom Mobile App to edit and export a selection of them for a press release and social media purposes.

This is when photo editing is required to be fast. Your client might need a few photos immediately after the photoshoot. So, which is the best and fastest way to give it to them?

In my case, I didn’t have time to manually edit the photos. Instead, I could use a few presets that would save me time and make the images look better before delivering.

Photography-raw offers a great and professional Lightroom preset package optimized for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. The process is simple. You can either import the presets on your desktop version or in the mobile version.

Yet, there is a difference in how to load the presets on Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. If you want the presets to be shown in all your Lightroom mobile Apps, you must import them from Lightroom CC and NOT the Lightroom Classic CC.

How to Load the Presets into Lightroom CC

Install Lightroom CC on your PC or MAC through Adobe Creative Cloud. You can use your Windows tablet or iPad too.

Note: You cannot import presets directly to your smartphone.

We will use download and use the Premium Lightroom Presets Essentials Package from, however, you can follow along using any Lightroom Presets package you prefer.

You will need to unzip the file on your computer in order to see the .XMP files as in the image below. Just right click and select EXTRACT ALL. Then press OK.

extract the downloaded Lightroom presets

Open Lightroom CC on your Computer, Mac or Tablet.

To be able to import or see any of the presets available, you have to add at least one photo.

When you add a photo or a series of photos, click EDIT on the top right corner.

Head down where it says PRESETS and click on the three dots to open a secondary menu that has the option to manage or import new presets. Click IMPORT PRESETS.

Select all presets from the downloaded folder and click IMPORT.

Notice that Lightroom CC loads the new presets. Wait until the process is done.

When the process is over, you will see the new Lightroom presets on a new tab underneath the preinstalled presets.

Import presets to Lightroom CC before to make them sync to Lightroom mobile

Next, select the one that suits better your preferences. In my case, I had to select Glamour Orange Teal preset. This preset changed Vibrance, Clarity, Dehaze and added an “S Curve” that raised the Highlights and reduced the Shadows. Perfect fit for my image!

As you can see, I have edited my image within one click and next, I am going to export it so I can share it or send it via email.

You have one option to choose for a file type, and that’s .jpg. You can also choose the size between small, full size or custom. Click the location you want to export your final edit and press SAVE.

How to Find and Use the Presets on the Lightroom Mobile App

Open Lightroom Mobile App on your Android or iPhone.

As you can see, the photos I have edited previously on Lightroom CC on my PC are synced on my iPhone.

Select the area that says ALL PHOTOS.

Choose the photo you want to edit.

Slide the toolbar on the right until you see the PRESETS tab. Then tap it.

lightroom presets on mobile

All the Lightroom presets are now synced and ready to be used in all Lightroom mobile apps. Choose the one you think fits best your photo.

The following BEFORE/AFTER images are from Athens Baroque Festival and particularly the Ensemble Mezzo concert which took place in Athens Greece last September.

I have applied four different presets on each photo.


Image credit: Ensemble Mezzo – Ye’ela Avital


Image Credit: Ensemble Mezzo – Gideon Brettler


Image Credit: Ensemble Mezzo – Davina Florentin


Image Credit: Ensemble Mezzo

You can choose between 21 different presets. The ones I have chosen to show you were the closest to the concert’s lighting and overall scenery.


If you understand how to import presets on Lightroom CC and sync them to Lightroom CC Mobile and manage to do it a couple of times, you will definitely enjoy editing your photos at a fast pace.


  • Hi, I am John Mak a self-taught landscape, sports and event photographer from Greece. I love nature, traveling and cooking. I’m also a freelance writer. I create content for photography websites and other small businesses. I use Mirrorless Cameras, lenses, gear and I share more about it in my personal website. You can also find me on Instagram <a href="">@johnmakphotography</a>

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