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Unlike styles, there is no method to install in Capture One Pro using the software itself. However, you can easily install them manually directly into the folder where Capture One looks for presets. 

You can basically, create your own structure within the presets you use, by placing the presets into different folders. You should note that if you prefer to have your user presets available under each tool in Capture One, then you need to follow the structure that Capture One expects. I.e. Lens Correction presets should be placed in a folder called “Lens Correction”, as in the screenshot below.

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If you are using a Mac, do the following: 

  1. First of all, make sure that you quit Capture One Pro.
  2. Find the folder with Capture One presets that you wish to install. 
  3. Select the folder and press CMD+C to copy it. 
  4. Now you should navigate to this folder, where Capture One expects to find presets. Open a Finder window and choose the menu Go > Go To Folder and type in the following path into the dialog, and click Go:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Capture One/
  5. Next, locate and open the subfolder “Presets60”. (If it doesn’t exist, you can just create it).
  6. Finally, paste the folder containing the Capture One presets, by using CMD+V.
    Note, that the folder structure you create under the “Presets60” folder, will be the one that you will see in Capture one when you want to use presets in the Styles & Presets tool.
  7. Relaunch Capture One and test if you can see the folder you just copied. 

Install presets in capture one pro

If you a using a Windows, follow these instructions:

  1. Quit Capture One Pro if it is running. 
  2. Open Windows Explorer and locate the folder containing the Capture One preset you want to install.
  3. Copy the folder by pressing CTRL+C. 
  4. Now find the below folder path on your PC:
  5. Like in the instructions for Mac, if you don’t have the “Presets60” folder, you should create it. 
  6. Open the Presets60 folder and paste the C1 presets into this folder.
    If you want to subdivide the presets further, you can also create a folder for Lens Correction presets and one for Grain presets, or Curves presets. Whatever structure you create here, is the one you will see, whenever you apply presets using Capture One.
  7. Launch Capture One and check if the presets are placed correctly under User Presets in the Styles & Presets tool.

Capture One presets

Hopefully, these short instructions can help you with how to install presets in Capture One.

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Hey I’m Peter. I’m the owner and editor of Photography-RAW. I make sure that you get the best articles about photography. Personally, I prefer to shoot landscape, nature and macro photography. I hope you enjoy the site 🙂
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