Just Launched: Capture One Styles

Here on Photography-RAW we have just launched our first Capture One Style Pack.

Capture One Style Pack

Capture One Pro is perhaps one of the most powerful and flexible RAW processors. Both when it comes to gaining full control over color editing and using styles to speed up for post-processing workflow.

You can apply styles to both the image as a whole or to a single layer and limit it using masks. In Lightroom, you can only use presets with the adjustment tools if the presets are designed for it, and even this feature is limited to changing the settings available with the local adjustment tools.

However, with Capture One Pro you have full flexibility which makes it even more fantastic when it comes to using styles to enhance your workflow and kick-start your creative inspiration when processing your images.

In the Photography-RAW Capture One Essential Style Pack, we have included 24 professional styles that enable you to get a wide variety of looks, ranging from an orange-teal look, soft and airy, vintage, over to black and white processing of your images with a single click.

If you should get just one C1 style pack, we believe it should be this one.

Using styles allows you to establish a fast and professional workflow where you can deliver a coherent body of work to your client or simply maintain a consistent look in your images when you upload them to your social media profiles.

Style Packs for Capture One Pro comes in a wide range in terms of both pricing, and quality. You can easily part with several hundreds of dollars for professional C1 styles. Alternatively, you can find reasonable pricing, but where each style pack includes less than 10 styles.

We have recently published a guide to working with styles in Capture One, which allows you to learn all the ins and outs of using styles in Capture One.

At Photography-RAW we believe that it is best to offer great value for money. We believe that we have found a high-value mix by offering the 24 professional high-quality styles included in the Essential Style Pack at a price that is affordable to most enthusiast and professional photographers.

Capture One Style Pack

You can easily spend a lot of evening hours processing your images in Capture One trying to get that perfect look in the images, you have to deliver to your client first thing next morning. Why not take a shortcut and save a lot of precious time, that it can be difficult to persuade your clients to pay for. Many clients thinks that the photographer’s work stops after the photo shoot. They don’t value the effort/hours you might put into delivering a high quality product to them.

So you have to work smarter and efficiently by utilizing the power of C1 styles in your workflow, allowing your to deliver faster with less work.

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  • Capture One Style Pack
    Just Launched: Capture One Styles

    With the Capture One Essential Style Pack, you get 24 professional C1 styles ranging from: orange-teal, soft and airy, vintage, black and white + more.

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Hey I’m Peter. I’m the owner and editor of Photography-RAW. I make sure that you get the best articles about photography. Personally, I prefer to shoot landscape, nature and macro photography. I hope you enjoy the site 🙂
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