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Roadmap to Learning Photography

Learning photography is not an easy task, and it takes time, practice and effort. You can easily lose focus or question whether you are moving in the right direction. What should I learn next?

Are you ready to speed up your journey into the world of photography?

Instead of learning everything by yourself we suggest that you take part in our 6 week online photography course.

Otherwise, begin with these guides to learn the essential skills of photography.

Guide to Mastering Your DSLR Camera

Beginner level, but essential to the most out of your camera.

Guide to Mastering Your DSLR Camera

In this guide, you will get an understanding of the essential features of your DSLR camera. It doesn’t cover the automatic mode, though, as I take it that you bought your DSLR camera to use it in a way that is different from a compact camera. The guide covers the different shooting modes, shutter release modes, autofocus modes. You will also learn when to use exposure compensation, how to set the white balance, which file quality to use and much more.

Introduction to Composition

Beginner level

To begin creating more interesting photos, it is essential to know and use some of the basic composition techniques in your photography. Most of them are relatively simple to understand, but it can be difficult to know when to use them. However, when you include one or more of these composition principles in your photography you will clearly see that your photos start to improve and your skills grow rapidly as you get experience using the techniques on a regular basis.

Guide to Mastering Exposure: Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed

Intermediate level – Get ready to master manual mode.

Photography Guide to Mastering Exposure, Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed. One of the most essential things to learn within photography

Before you can master manual mode, you need to get an in-depth understanding of the exposure triangle which covers how aperture, ISO and shutter speed relates to each other. You also need to know the “cost” of changing each of these three exposure factors. I.e. when you increase the ISO, to get a brighter exposure, you also get more digital noise. This guide helps you to get a solid understanding of the concepts so you can begin to master manual mode and get more creative freedom in your photography. This photography guide to mastering exposure includes a cheat sheet that gives you a quick overview of the relationship between aperture/depth-of-field, ISO/digital noise, and shutter speed/movement, and how all these affect light.

8 Things That Will Make You a Better Photographer

8 Things That Will Make You a Better Photographer. Learn photography

Intermediate level

Do you want to become a better photographer? Fast. Take a look at these 8 suggestions that will take your photography skills in the right direction. It is not about buying gear. It is a matter of deliberate practice and getting the right kind of feedback.

How to Get Past the OK-Plateau as a Photographer

Intermediate level

How To Get Past The OK-Plateau As A Photographer

You will do everything it takes to become a better photographer. You try to do everything right. You put in the extra hours. You spend a lot of hours on photography every day. But, you don’t really develop? Your photos are still only “OK”. Why? I will tell you!

You have hit the difficult OK-plateau. This is the level, where you have become so ‘good’ at your photography that you have stopped improving.

Guide to Using Natural Light in Landscape Photography

Advanced level

Knowing how to look at the available light and use it to create stronger photos is crucial to improving as a photographer. In this guide, you will learn to distinguish different types of light, and know which type of lighting is suitable for your photography.

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    • Hi Paul,

      There are no coupon codes. However, keep an eye out on the product page, as we sometimes give an extra discount. However, the bundle is already discountet more than 20% compared to buying each separately.

  1. Hi Peter
    Just followed your step-by-step guide to installing DXO Nik filters, having spend a few hours trying to follow DXO & Affinity guidance. Brilliant, worked first time.

  2. I am using google version of nik filters with latest Photoshop Elements 2020 and it is working fine apart from HDR. I’ve managed to download some free presets, and would like to add yours, but I don’t need the HDR ones. Can you offer a bundle pack fpr the 2 NIK prests you sell bearing in mine the HDR is of no use to me? Thanks

  3. Yes, sure they do. They work on both PC, Mac and iPad v 1.8.3. We continually test the macros to make sure they keep working for our customers.

    Peter Dam

    • Hi Simon,

      The NIK Presets & Recipes require the NIK collection plugins from DXO in order to work. So you need to buy the plugins from DXO, if you don’t already own them. You can open the Nik collection plugins from both Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, and Affinity Photo.

      Hope it helps 🙂


  4. Hi Peter. Have purchased, downloaded and extracted the ‘Affinity Photo Macros for Photographers’ for Windows however in Affinity, when I try to import them with ‘Import Macros’, it finds the ‘B&W Presets’, ‘Color Presets’ and ‘Workflow Presets’ folders but says that they are empty when they’re not, the LRTemplate files are in there. Affinity just can’t see them. Is there any way around this please? Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi Lee,

      Please check the download file again. I think you may have found the wrong file, as there shouldn’t be any .lrtemplate files in the Affinity Photo Macro package. LRtemplate files are for Lightroom Presets.
      The macro files are called .afmacros.

      Let me knownif you still have issues. Please use the contact form. (the link is in the bottom right corner of each page.


  5. This is a little late, but that’s me, I have Affinty’s set of programs. They are slowly getting ‘exposed’ to my work. This may have been asked and answered, I am sorry, but Affinty runs on Apple iPad. Can the macros also run? Or only on desktop, PC/MAC? Thanks, Jerry

    • No worries. Yes, sure they do. They work on both PC, Mac and iPad.

      (the tricky thing with the macros for iPad is getting them unzipped on the iPad. Otherwise, unzip them on a computer and copy them to the iPad and import them into Affinity Photo.


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    Can you help.

    • Sure, I just resend the confirmation email to you. Be sure to check your spam folder. Mails from unknown senders sometimes end up there.


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