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Meet Our New Affinity Macro Pack

Here at Photography-RAW, we just launched a new package filled with macros for Affinity Photo that will help you get better-looking photos using Affinity Photo. 

affinity photo macro package 2: Evovle

Do you want to give your photos a more creative and professional look using Affinity Photo?

Our new professional macro package for Affinity Photo helps you do that in a matter of seconds with as little effort as possible. However, you will still be in control of the editing process. All layers are visible, enabling you to tweak the result to your liking.

Affinity Photo Macros 2: Evolve will help give your images a creative and professional look with just a few clicks.

  • 21 Affinity Macros dedicated to creating professional-looking images
  • 15 Bonus Crop Presets
  • Take the pain out of performing the usual steps over and over again, but maintain control of the final result

All our macros are tested with Affinity Photo v. 1.8.2 and works on both Affinity Photo for Windows/Mac and IPad.

To learn more about this exciting and unique new set Affinity Photo Macros, click here, for more info and image samples. 

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