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Nikon D7100/D7200 Review

This was my first DSLR camera. Even though it wasn’t a cheap, priced just above $1.000, I preferred a camera that I wouldn’t feel lacked essential features as I explored which way my photography journey would take me. Other photographers that I met started out with very cheap cameras but soon felt they needed to upgrade to a more advanced DSLR. After two or three cameras they ended at the top of the enthusiast range, where you find the D7100/D7200. You might as well begin with a camera that you are satisfied with for at least the first three years.

Back on the Nikon D7200. Nice button layout. The eyepiece, though, comes off way too easily and bound to get lost. Over time, you might have to get a spare eyepiece. They are not expensive, though.

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The Nikon D71000/D7200

Cheaper models have fewer buttons at the back and fewer dial controls, So on those models, you have to enter the menu system to change settings. Annoying when you find the perfect shot, but got the wrong camera settings. Many forget to check for ease of use when looking for a camera. But the D7200 have many controls at the back and dual dial at the top, which lets you access the all the most used features without going to the menu. You get 24 megapixels CMOS. The build quality feels very solid, and way beyond the plastic feel of cheaper models, plus the body is weather sealed.

The D7200, which is an upgrade to the D7100, has three times the buffer size plus the latest EXPEED 4 processor. The D7200’s AF-system is also improved compared to the  D7100.

I have been very satisfied with the D7100, and I feel it is the best crop factor (DX) camera around. That is until the D7200 came out!

Nikon D7200 Specifications at a Glance:

  • DX-format DSLR – 1.5x crop factor
  • 24 MP CMOS sensor with an EXPEED 4 processor
  • Without an optical low pass filter, that causes a slight blur to your images.
  • Continuous shooting: Up to 5 fps in 14-bit RAW and up to 6 fps in 12-bit RAW or JPEG. If you switch to 1.3x crop mode up to 6 fps in 14-bit RAW or 7 fps in 12-bit RAW (but with 13.5 MP images instead of 24 MP)
  • Buffer: 18 shots in 14-bit lossless. 97 shot large fine-JPEG
  • 51 AF-points with 15 cross-type sensors.
  • ISO Range: 100 – 25,600. You can boost it to 51,200-102,400 (but for black and white only)
  • LCD: 3.2 Inch, 1,229K-dot LCD Monitor
  • Twin SD Card Slots that takes SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards.
  • Viewfinder with 100% frame coverage (Eye-level Pentaprism Single-Lens Reflex)
  • Full 1080p HD video at up to 30fps in normal mode, and with 60fps (1.3x mode)
  • Detection Range: -3 – +19 EV
  • Body Type: Magnesium-alloy body with weather/moisture and dust sealing
  • Shutter: 150,000 cycle-rated shutter system


Why I like the Nikon D7200/D7200

  • Who doesn’t like having 24 megapixels? With 24 megapixels you can still crop your images and get a resolution high enough for print in fairly large sizes.
  • Great AF system. The built in focus motor allows you to AF with older AF lenses dating back to 1986.
  • The buttons layout gives you great usability.
  • Long battery life. You can take over 950 photos with the D7100. The D7200 boasts of the battery lasting for around 1100 shots.
  • Good ISO handling for a DX camera.

Nikon D7100 Sample Images (Older Model of The Nikon D7200)

Below is a few sample images taken with the Nikon D7100:

Men fishing at the pier in Nørre Vorupør. The price for the best fishing spot is constantly getting wet by the waves crashing against the pier's hard concrete.
Men fishing at the pier in Nørre Vorupør. The price for the best fishing spot is constantly getting wet by the waves crashing against the pier’s hard concrete. Taken with the Nikon D7100 + 60mm Nikkor lens.
Bee on Chives Flower
Our best friends if you ask me. Taken with the Nikon D7100 + 60mm Nikkor Micro lens
The Blue Planet - Danish Aquarium
The Blue Planet – Danish Aquarium. Taken with the Nikon D7100.

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