7 Ways to Find Great Photography Locations Near You

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Photography is all about unleashing the true potential of one’s imagination. It takes time and experience to grow from an amateur photographer to a pro level. In this journey one of the most exciting experience you will get as a photographer is meeting new people, working in extreme locations, showing creativity, buying new equipment, etc.

As a photographer, you only need a few things to capture a stunning photograph. The most important ones are

If you have these things then capturing a creative photograph can be a matter of seconds.

In this article, we’ll talk specifically about the importance of a location for photography and how to find the best outdoor photo shoot locations near you?

So sit back, take a cup of coffee and keep reading, because
this article may change your method for searching for a perfect photography

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The Location Provides The Background To Your Photo Shoot

Before we explore the ways you can find locations for capturing a photograph, there’s something you need to know first. Why do you need a good location for capturing an image? There are multiple reasons for this. The most obvious reason is to get a background that actually helps you to highlight the subject and also makes the concept of the theme clear.

The location is what we need to get a great background to highlight our subject. Therefore finding a great location that actually goes with your theme is important.

Let’s not waste any more time and jump into the answer to the question “which are the best places to take pictures near you?”.

Tips on How to Find Photography Locations Near You


As you know that there are lots of websites nowadays that are helping out photographers to find a perfect location for their next photo shoot.

One of such websites is Shothotspot. This website gives the list of the most famous places to capture near your area. I also tried using this website and when I entered the name of my area on the search box it gave a list of the most engaging photography places near me.

Shothotspot uses algorithms to search for the most interested and photographed places near your area from the map and gives a list with sample pictures of those destinations.

It can be a great tool for photographers to find the best location for capturing images that create an impression.

Google Earth / Maps / Street View

google can reveal a lot of great photo shoot locations near you

There are lots of various kinds of online maps that help you find the type of location you’re searching for. But not all of these maps have a great search engine to back them up as Google does.

To help people gather knowledge about a specific location and how it actually looks like in reality, Google has gathered all this information in Google map. Google map uses satellite to show the actual image of that area or the location. It also shows a list of the specific places that are of public interest and capturing images in those locations will engage people.

Google Earth

Google earth is also another application developed by Google. It shows the locations as a 3D image, which makes it easier for a photographer to get an idea of the location looks in real life. Google map can be a great help for photographers in choosing the best location for a brilliant photo shoot.

Google Street View

Google has always been the best of the best. They have always thought of helping people of all the professions. One of their applications is the street view. It helps you to check a location from the eye level perspective. You can see how the location looks by checking the view from the streets just like when you see while walking on the street. It gives a real feel of that location. You can sit at comfort at home and can feel like walking on a street looking at the view of the location using your smartphone. This is how a street view application can help you in searching for the most suitable location for your next photo shoot.

You can go to street view from Google Maps, but you can also use an alternative viewer: InstantStreetView.

500px, flickr

There are some sites which are hosting images and helping a photographer to showcase their work in a community filled with photography lovers. These sites have works of many professional photographers and artists. They showcase these photos with the location where it was captured.

Creating profiles in such sites will help you showcase your images, find location from others as well as sell your images.

Some of the most world-recognized image hosting sites are 500px and Flickr. These two sites have the largest community of photographers. The best thing is that it can give you valuable information about where the gorgeous photos were captured.

You can check locations from the location tags of the images. Flickr also has a map display that shows you the photo shoot locations reported by the users when they upload their images.

Instagram Location

Instagram is becoming quite popular social media these days. Many new photographers are showing their works and talents on this platform.

You can search for the type of photography you want to capture like portrait, landscape, abstract, etc. You will find posts or images with those hashtags or keywords. Then you can also see the location tags where the image was captured. This way you can get locations that might help you to capture images which have a lot of engagements.

Try choosing location from those images which have more likes because these are backgrounds people loves. If you choose such locations then your images are bound to become popular soon. Instagram can be found easily of App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). You can share your work as well as gather ideas from other’s work.

Follow Famous Photographers

There are many famous Photographers who are currently the leaders of this industry.

Annie Leibovitz, Steve McCurry, Elliott Erwitt, etc are some of the current photographers in the world.

Use your social media accounts to search for the tops photographers and follow them. You can see and learn from their work as well as can check the location tags from their images to find the best places or locations to capture images that will create a good engagement of your images.

Some famous photographers roam around the world to capture images that are unique. You can check the locations of those places and can save them on your bucket list.

City attractions

Use city attractions as a great photography locations near you

Each and every city has some attractive spots which attract a lot of visitors. Tourists who visit your city would check out those places too.

You can use attractive locations in your city and use it as a background for your photo shoot. If you need to find a location in a city that you don’t know, you can ask relatives, friends, locals or even online about such locations. You might get lucky and get advice about hidden gems, or places which are attractive but not overcrowded. These photography locations will be the places for your masterpiece for sure.

Drive Around the State to Scout Photography Locations

One of the most entertaining ways to find locations for your photography is to go look for it yourself.

Pack a bag with food and camera equipment. Invite yourself for a long drive in your car.

Go around the city and search for the best locations that will attract your eyes. Always remember if a scene or location attracts your eyes and conquers your heart then that is the best location to use as a background for your photo shoot.

Often when I need to find a great outdoor photoshoot location near me I take my car and go for a drive around the city and make a not about the locations that attracted me.

How to find photography locations near you


Challenge yourself to discover new photography areas in your general surrounding area. Regardless of where on the planet you live, you can utilize these assets to search and find the best photography locations near you.

Following the above steps will always help you capture amazing photos and find locations that are great for photography. Always remember to get the best images you need an inspiring location for it.

The first step would be stepping out of your home and begin searching. You will need to keep your batteries charged and yourself filled with energy to find out the best location around you.

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Hey, I’m Amy. I’m part of the writer team at Photography-RAW. Besides writing in-depth articles about photography, I also take part in making sure that the website runs smoothly here on Photography-RAW.
Hey, I’m Amy. I’m part of the writer team at Photography-RAW. Besides writing in-depth articles about photography, I also take part in making sure that the website runs smoothly here on Photography-RAW.
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7 Ways to Find Great Photography Locations Near You

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