+80 Photoshop Actions for Nature Photographers

Don't waste time editing. Take creative shortcuts using PS Actions

  • Over 80 Photoshop Actions to help you create HDR Effects, watermark photos, color grading, resizing your photos, add borders, speed up your workflow, and much more.
  • Works on Photoshop CC (Win/Mac)

We have renamed our Photoshop actions for Photographers, to emphasize nature photography, because we originally designed them for this. It is the same actions.


The Photoshop Actions for Photographers are designed to help you achieve both the everyday Photoshop tasks you do again and again and special tasks, that are difficult to remember from time to time.

These actions for Photoshop will help you go from raw, unedited photos straight from the camera to amazing photos in no time.

The Photoshop actions are fully adjustable and transparent in letting you see what they do. Being adjustable means that you won’t have to do with the settings the action use, as you can double click on the layers generated by most of the action to modify the settings, so it fits your particular image. However, the ‘hard work’ of doing several specific steps in a specific order has been taken care of with these PS actions that can help all Photographers using Photoshop to speed up their workflow.

The Photoshop actions for Photographers are awesome and will benefit my Photoshop postprocessing images, I have had my ups & downs with using free actions, but your actions are working flawlessly and well worth my outlay.

Ron D., Canada

Amazing results! As a newbie to photography and Ps, I love the magic they bring to my photos.

Peter K., Australia

Check out the product photos below for a few samples of what you can get with the Photoshop Actions for Photographers.

For further information about what’s included in this package with PS actions, please see full product details below.


The short answer is all nature photographers.

Photoshop from Adobe is a complex photo editor. You can use these Photoshop actions for all kind of images. However, I have designed these Photoshop Actions with landscape, cityscape, and wildlife, and nature photographers in mind. This means that there are not an endless number of actions to give your photo an airbrushed glamour look to your photos like you see in commercial photography.

Instead, you get a package with the best Photoshop actions for photographers that want to quickly take their images to the next level using Photoshop actions to take care of complex processes and techniques in Photoshop.

Other Photoshop Action packages have a significantly higher price point (up to a couple of hundreds of dollars). We wanted to make a package of Photoshop Actions that are affordable to most photographers, no matter whether you are just a beginning photographer beginning to learn Photoshop, a serious photography enthusiast, or a professional photographer.

What’s included in Photoshop CC Actions for Photographers package?

  • Compatible with: Tested on Photoshop CC / Reported by users to work on Photoshop CS6
  • Easy to use and adjustable to fit your particular image
  • Works on both Windows and Mac

Included Photoshop Actions

All actions (except for border actions) can be adjusted with the layer opacity slider if nothing else is mentioned below. Also, note that each PS action will create a “before” snapshot so you with a single click can go back to the before state using the history panel and clicking on the latest snapshot at the top.

Workflow Actions

  • Dodge & Burn Layer
  • High Pass Dodge & burn Brush
  • Structure and Contrast
  • Detail Enhancer
  • Boost Contrast
  • Surface Smoother
  • Remove Color Cast
  • Long Exposure (LE) Photostack
  • High-Frequency Sharpening
  • Pro Contrast
  • Luminosity Masks
  • Remove Hot Pixel Noise

Effect Actions

Orton Effect

Add a dreamy, soft, fantasy-look to your images with this photoshop action. The Orton effect is achieved by blending a sharp image with an “out of focus” version of the same image.

Glow and Soft Focus

Easily add a soft focus and glow effect. Furthermore, this photoshop action will boost image contrast and saturation.

Gloomy BW Split Tone

Black and white with a blue/yellow twist which results in a gloomy Sephia/selenium split tone effect.

Fall Foliage Effect

Give your fall images a color boost with the Fall Foliage Effect action.

This Photoshop action will create a hue adjustment layer that targets specific fall colors to increase saturation. In addition, it adds a high pass filter for increased sharpening. To adjust the strength of the colors, double click the thumbnail for the hue adjustment layer and modify the settings.

The effect starting point is quite strong, so you might have to dial down the opacity

Color Pop Green / Yellow

These two actions will give an instant pop to either the green colors or the yellow colors depending on which of the actions you run.


Atmosphere and Mist

Create an early morning mist atmosphere to images.

Lomo Effect

Create Lomo style images with blurred edges and cross-processing and soft focus.

Retro Effect

Add a trendy retro effect to images with a single click. Both the Lomo and Retro effects are very often used on photos on social media websites.

Retro Effect

Add a trendy retro effect to images with a single click. Both the Lomo and Retro effects are very often used on photos on social media websites.

Toning Actions


Create a cross-processing effect by adjusting the RGB curves individually.

Sephia Toning

Basic Sephia toning effect with a single click.

Sephia-Yellow Split Tone

Basic Split toning effect using Sephia for the shadows and bright yellow for the highlights.

Toning Warm Red

Add a warm red toning to your images with a simple click.


Toning Teal Orange

The now classic teal orange look, with blue/teal colors pushed into the shadows, and brighter orange/yellow colors.


Sephia Action Applied

High Pass Dodge & Burn Brush

Warmth Effect

Give your photos a warm color tone, like it was shot during the golden hour.

Photo LAB Color

Make the colors in your photos pop more by using LAB color space.

Movie Coloring 1 & 2

These PS actions makes the dark shades a cool blue/green tone while the brighter shades get a warm orange look. The effect makes persons stand out more because of the complementary colors used in the toning.

Toning Light Lavender

Add a subtle purple and lavender look to your image.


Toning Blue Bright Burn

Adds a trendy bright blue and a little "washed out" look to your images


Border Actions

Black Border: Narrow / Medium / Wide

These Photoshop actions add a black border with a single click. This PS action expands the canvas size to fit the border, keeping your image the original size. The border comes with a small white stroke around the image, which can be turned on/off by making the layer style called “Stroke” visible or not.

Border: Black (5%) / (10%) – Keep Size

Add a black border with a single click, while keeping the image size. This means it doesn’t expand the pixel size. (Accurate down to 1-2 px.) The action uses percentage (%) to calculate how much the image should be resized to make room for the border.

Note that the border is, i.e., 5% of the height and 5% of the width, which typically makes the width and height of the border uneven. It gives a balanced look between the border and the image. The border comes with a small white stroke around the image, which can be turned on/off by making the layer style called “Stroke” visible or not.

Border: Crystalize

Create a white border with a crystallized effect.

White Border: Narrow / Medium / Wide

These Photoshop actions add a white border with a single click. This PS action expands the canvas size to fit the border, keeping your image the original size. The border comes with a small black stroke around the image, which can be turned on/off by making the layer style called “Stroke” visible or not.

Border: White (5%) / (10%) – Keep Size

These two PS actions do the same as the Black (5%) or (10%) above, but just with white color and the optional black stroke.

Black Border Applied

HDR Actions

9 HDR Effect Photoshop actions

You also get 9 HDR Effect Photoshop actions to give your image different HDR look while still being based on a single image. These actions use a combination of extracting details, tonal compression, and contrast to achieve the effect. Included is two black and white HDR actions.

Matte Actions

Matte Pastel Action Applied

7 Matte Photoshop actions

7 Matte effects actions help you to get a beautiful faded look which is very popular on social media.

Watermark Actions

Watermark Brush Action

The watermark brush Photoshop action allows you to use a brush to stamp your watermark or logo onto your image wherever you prefer. You only need to run this action one time for each different watermark you want to be able to use. When you run the watermark brush Photoshop action, you can choose the location of the source file (which should be a transparent .png file). To make sure that the watermark logo looks sharp, you should use a logo file that is equal to the most used width of your images. (or at least 2000px). This is because a brush is scalable, so if you use a small logo file as the source, but use it as a large sized brush, the logo will look pixelated.

When you have selected the source watermark/logo file, you can find the watermark brush in your brush palette. You can use it as a normal brush and can control the logo and opacity.

Watermark Placement Actions

With the watermark photoshop actions, you can easily add a watermark to either the bottom right, bottom center, or bottom left corner of your image. After selecting the logo source, which should be a transparent .png file, the action will automatically align the logo file to the chosen position on your image.

Wait There is More...

8 Bonus Web Resize and Sharpener Photoshop Actions Included

When you resize your images to use them online on social media or your website, your images will lose sharpness, get a bit brighter and on top of that lose a little hue.

You can counteract that by following several steps, like resizing in two steps, adding sharpness, converting your image to sRGB, adding hue and making it a bit darker, every time you resize your images. This takes time and effort to get the best result though. However, as a bonus to all the great Photoshop actions you get in this package, you also get these extra web sharpener actions for Photoshop. The do all the hard work with resizing and sharpening in the most optimal way for you.

The web sharpener actions are 8 actions to suit the most common web sizes (1920px, 1200px, 800px, 600px). All of the actions are made for these 4 heights/widths in both landscape and portrait mode.

More details about the Web Sharpener / Resize Photoshop Actions

To resize an image to one of the image sizes stated in the action name, just click it and watch it do its magic. If you think that the result is too sharp, just lower the opacity of the Extra Sharpening layer or simply turn it off.

You also have the option to modify the hue adjustments or levels adjustments by double-clicking on these layers. The web sharpener photoshop actions correct the loss of saturation when resizing with the hue adjustment layer. Furthermore, the levels adjustment layer adds a tiny bit of darkness back into your image since sharpening an image often makes it a bit brighter. If you think the settings are a little off, you can easily change it to get the result you want.

Note: this action converts the image to 8-bit, which makes you lose the layers. Also, avoid to save the resized images and replacing your original image.

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How to Install the Photoshop Actions

Installing Photoshop actions is very simple; just follow these few steps:

  • Download the product file that you get a link to after you complete the payment process. Alternatively, follow the link in the email you get after completing the purchase. The file you download is named: Photography-RAW – Photoshop Actions for Photographers.zip
  • Once downloaded, find it using Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (Win) and double-click the .zip file to extract it.
  • Next, open the extracted folder and double-click the file: Photography-RAW – Actions for Photographers.atn. Double-clicking will install the actions in Photoshop ready for you to use.
  • To install the Web Sharpener Photoshop actions, you should double-click the file: Photography-RAW – Web Sharpener Actions.atn.
  • Now the Photoshop actions should be ready for you to use from the Action Panel in Photoshop CC.
  • If your experience issues or would like to know other ways of installing Photoshop Actions have a look at this page explaining how to install PS-actions.

How to Use the Photoshop Actions

  • Go to the Photoshop Action Panel. If it is not visible, go to the menu: Window -> Actions to activate it.
  • In the action panel, you will find a folder/action set called: Photography-RAW: Photoshop Actions for Photographers. If it isn’t open already click on the small arrow just left of the folder icon. Clicking the arrow will open the action set and reveal all the actions included in the Photoshop Action for Photographers Package.
  • To run an action: select by left-clicking on it (only once) and then press the “play” or “run” button at the bottom of the actions panel. Pressing “play” will execute the selected action and apply it based on the active layer in your image.
  • For advanced users: If you prefer to have more control of what each Photoshop action does, you can turn on dialogue windows for either a whole action or individual ‘steps’ of an action. Click the small gray square to make it white and thereby activate that setting dialogue windows appear when you run the Photoshop action. To only enable setting dialogue for a single step of the action, you need to click the left-pointing arrow to the right of the box, to unfold the detailed steps of the Photoshop action. Then you can locate the exact step you wish to see the settings for so you can modify them as the action runs.
    Toggle dialogue on-off
  • For a better overview of the actions, you can also switch the view mode of the Action panel in Photoshop to use button mode. Button mode displays all actions as buttons. All the included action in the package has a green color in button mode.  In button mode, you just need to click the action button once to run it.

The downside to using button mode is that you cannot toggle the dialogue windows on for more control. Furthermore, in button mode, you cannot exclude particular action steps from running.

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