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Black and White Photoshop Actions

What better way to give your photos an exclusive look than to convert them to black and white. Color photos are great, but there is something about the monochromatic format that gives your image an elegant touch. And with black and white actions for Photoshop cc, you can get this look with just a few clicks. Just open your image in Photoshop, and press play on the action to get a stunning black and white photo.

What are Black and White Photoshop Actions?

Black and white actions for Photoshop cc enables you to create amazing black and white effects with just a few clicks. This genre consists of a wide range of different looks, which is why a single action for BW conversion is not enough.

Our collection of Photoshop actions includes 9 actions created for achieving supreme black and white photo effects. You will find some of the actions in the black and white action set, while a few others you will find in the Matte effects, or HDR effects action sets. All of them are includes in our Photoshop Actions for photographers bundle.

sephia toning action applied

Which actions are included in the bundle from Photography-RAW?

Matte black and white actions:

  • Matte Black and White Effect
  • BW Toned Matte 1
  • BW Toned Matte 2

HDR black and white Photoshop actions:

  • BW HDR Effect (Heavy)
  • BW HDR Effect (Grungy)

Other BW actions:

  • High Contrast Black and White Photoshop action
  • BW Faded Portrait (with Noise)
  • Sephia Toning
  • Sephia-Yellow Split Toning

How to use these actions?

The actions included in this collection are almost self-explanatory. Press the play button in the Actions panel in Photoshop, and watch the action do its magic. If you need to adjust the effect, you will find that all layers are preserved in the layers panel, ready for you to double-click and adjust the necessary parameters. Most actions are placed within a dedicated folder in the layers panel.

If you regret running an action, then you should go to the history panel and find the snapshot that is named “Before…[action name]”. Just click on this to revert to the image state just before running the action.

Matte BW action applied in Photoshop

Getting a great result when converting images to black and white is not always easy. The color tonality in the original images plays a large role when you convert yours into a grayscale tonal range.

Contrasting colors work best. For instance, a yellow subject on a blue background, will almost always give you great results when converting it into black and white. The complementary colors give you a good amount of contrast to work with. If you don’t feel that the result are not what you expected edit the black and white adjustment layer and change the color sliders to better match the colors available in your image. Note that not all actions we created use a BW adjustment layer. Instead some of them rely on a gradient map for creating the monochromatic effect.

What else is included in the Photoshop Actions Package for Photographers?

Not only do you get the best black and white Photoshop actions in Photography-RAW’s collection of PS actions. You get a total of over +60 Photoshop actions and a set of bonus web sharpening and resizing actions. The collection also includes HDR actions, Color Grading and Toning, border actions, and workflow actions to help you get a smooth post-processing workflow in Photoshop.

Unlike free black and white Photoshop actions, you get support. This means, that if your actions should break, or you have issues using them, we are here to help. This is not the case when you find a set of black and white Photoshop actions for free online.

If free Photoshop actions stop working you can try to fix them yourself. If you are unsuccessful, then you will have to spend time finding new actions that give you a similar look.

If you don’t want to use Lightroom presets, but prefer to use Photoshop actions, i.e. for batch processing a whole folder of images then you might want to take a closer look at our collection of Photoshop actions.

Similar sets of Photoshop CC actions can set you back over $100. Our action package for Photoshop remains available at a low price. Especially when you compare with the time you save post-processing your images.

+80 Photoshop Actions for

  • 8 Bonus Web Resize & Sharpening Actions
  • Works on Photoshop CC (Win/Mac)

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