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Professional Faux HDR Photoshop Actions

HDR Photography has been hyped for a couple of decades. Many photographers try to achieve an HDR look getting the most detail and tonality from a photo. But you don’t always have to capture a set of bracketed exposures to create an HDR effect. With HDR Photoshop actions you can easily create a similar effect.

HDR is an process where you combine multiple images of different exposures to get a High Dynamic Range (HDR). This means that you get the best exposed shadows midtones, and highlights from each exposure. However, when you only have a single image or exposure to work with, you use tonal compression to achieve the HDR effect.

In Photoshop you can use an HDR Photoshop action to apply the HDR effect with just a single click. Just open Photoshop, and transform your photo by pressing the play button on one of the HDR actions.

HDR Grungy Photoshop Action applied
HDR Grungy Effect applied in Photoshop for an extreme HDR effect without halo issues.

What are HDR Photoshop Actions?

An HDR Effect Photoshop action is a set of steps performed in a specific order in Photoshop to achieve an HDR look with just a single click. The HDR actions you can download here on this website are suitable for both creating color HDR and black and white HDR photos. Even though there are free HDR actions available we believe that

Why are they often called Faux HDR Photoshop Actions?

As explained above a “true” HDR photo mean combining several exposures into a single photo. However, when you only use a single image, it is kind of like “fake” HDR. You use the Faux Photoshop Actions to compress the tonal values in the image to get the same look that you get if you create HDR images. All HDR actions in this package are faux actions, meaning that they will work with just a single image giving you an HDR effect with a single click.

How to get HDR Pro results from these Photoshop Actions?

HDR Effect Photoshop Action
HDR Portrait action applied

In general, our Photoshop actions are designed to give you balanced results with increased visible details. The HDR effects range from Light, Normal, Heavy, and Grungy being the most extreme HDR effect.

A special HDR Portrait Photoshop Action is optimal for creating black and white HDR images. As the name implies it is also optimal for HDR portraits due to the high pass filter used in this action. If you are looking for a high-quality HDR black and white Photoshop action, this is definitely a good choice.

We also included a Photoshop action that use Adobe Camera Raw as a smart filter for tone-mapping, as an alternative method that gives

Each of the actions preserve the layers created in the process allowing you to fine-tune the result should you want to strengthen or weaken the effect or change other settings.

Photoshop HDR Actions Download

The 7 HDR actions are part of the Photoshop Actions for Photographer bundle available here on Photography-RAW. Along with the HDR effect actions you also get actions for improving your workflow, Photoshop border actions, watermarking actions, color grading actions, and much more. The bundle includes over 60 professional Photoshop actions that help you achieve the look you are after in a matter of seconds.

Which HDR Actions are included in the package

  • HDR Effect (High Contrast)
  • HDR Effect (Light)
  • HDR Effect (Normal)
  • HDR Effect (Heavy)
  • HDR Effect (Grungy)
  • HDR Tone-mapping
  • HDR Portrait

Even though you get high-quality Photoshop actions with this bundle, you avoid the disappointment of downloading free HDR actions that don’t work or breaks at every step.

Our Photoshop actions come with support, should you need it, and a 60 days full refund.

The Photoshop actions works with Photoshop CC.

Want to know more about the full Photoshop actions package by following the link below:

+80 Photoshop Actions for

  • 8 Bonus Web Resize & Sharpening Actions
  • Works on Photoshop CC (Win/Mac)

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