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Matte Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Explore our set of amazing matte Photoshop actions, that allow you to create a popular look with minimal effort. The crushed blacks and shadows gives your image a slightly faded look.

What is a Matte Effect?

A matte effect comes from raising the black levels, so the image intentionally looks a bit flat in the shadow areas. It gives your images a distinctly cool/casual look often used on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Some newer web-based editorial media sites also prefer this look.

What are Matte Photoshop Actions?

The best matte Photoshop actions allow you to get a variety of different looks based on a set of matte actions. Our collection includes several distinct matte effects.

Which Matte Effects are included?

  • Plain Matte
  • Petrol Matte
  • Pastel Matte
  • Pastel Bright Green Matte
  • Black and White Matte
  • Black and White Toned Matte 1
  • Black and White Toned Matte 2
Pastel Bright Green Matte applied

Which Photos Benefits from Using a Matte Effect?

Running a matte effect Photoshop action will generally look great on most images, as long as you don’t intend to print them.

The matte effect crushes the black tonality by intention. However, even though this looks great on your website or your social media channels this doesn’t work well with printed photos. These are not matte finish photoshop actions, where you emulate the paper type when printing. If you want a matte finish, when printing, the best option is to choose that paper type.

You can use the matte Photoshop actions for both candid shots, portraits as well as for landscape and nature photos.

Our Photoshop actions for photographers bundle includes both matte color and matte black and white Photoshop actions. The matte effect looks particularly great on black and white photos.

petrol matte photoshop action applied

Why get this bundle of Photoshop actions from Photography-RAW?

You will find that a lot of free matte Photoshop actions are of low quality, and you will have to spend a lot of time, finding some that suit your needs.

We offer support for our collection of Photoshop actions and keep them updated for future versions of Photoshop. This means that you can continue to apply the same matte effect to your photos, without needing to find and opt for new matte effects for years to come. This enables you to maintain a consistent look on your social media channels or your website, unlike a free photoshop action, that suddenly won’t work anymore, and you have nowhere to get help.

A similar collection of Photoshop actions might cost you on the wrong side of $100.

What else is included in the bundle?

Not only do we believe that you get the best matte Photoshop actions. You get over 60 actions that will enable you to apply color effects, benefit your photo editing workflow, resize for the web, create faux HDR effect, retro looks, and much more. Each of the actions create and keeps the necessary adjustment layers so you can modify the effects to your own liking. Just like Lightroom presets the actions are one-click, however, you get the best result if you tweak the result to better fit each image.

All actions are tested on Photoshop CC.

Remember that we do offer 60 days money-back guarantee on our actions, so if you don’t like the set of actions that we developed for professional photographers, feel free to ask us for a refund.

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  • 8 Bonus Web Resize & Sharpening Actions
  • Works on Photoshop CC (Win/Mac)

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