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Capture One Styles Packs

Speed up your workflow and create amazing looking photos with the Capture One styles from Photography-RAW.

With the Capture One Styles Packs, you can go from RAW image files to professional-looking images without spending hours on editing.

Use the C1 styles to:

  • Get a kick of inspiration, whenever you don’t know which creative direction to take your images.
  • Optimize your workflow and save time messing with sliders and settings
  • Discover new looks and peek at the settings to learn how to create it yourself.
  • Change average looking JPEGs or RAWs into stunning photos.
  • Clients will recognize that this is the work of a professional photographer, who can make each photo look like it belongs to a series of photos. Great for companies who want to build a visual identity. As the photographer, you can use Capture One styles to make sure you deliver a consistent set of photos.

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