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Capture One Styles Pack – Black & White


Black and white photos are simplistic and timeless, which makes the genre a favorite for many photographers.This Capture One Styles Pack offers you a set of unique looks made specifically to allow you to create fantastic and elegant monochromatic images.

The Capture One Black and White Styles Pack includes 20 unique styles that mix luminosity, black and white channels, toning clarity to achieve the exquisite look know from black and white photography.

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Which Black and White Capture One Styles Included In This Styles Pack:

BW Bright and Easy Toned

The BW Bright and Easy Toned style lift the general brightness of your photo giving it a bit of airy look while also toning the image slightly with a touch of bright yellow-sephia tones.

BW Cool Silver Toned Style

This C1 Style gives your photos an exquisite silver-look. Perfect for images where you want to keep an elegant and minimalistic look.

BW Eagle Eye Style

This black and white Capture One style is perfect for making animal portraits come to life as a monochromatic image with sharp details.

BW Eagle Eye - Capture One Black and White Style

BW Fine Art Architecture

Emphasize the minimalistic and aesthetic features of your photos. Great for achieving the look known from black and white fine art architecture photos.

BW Fine Art Architecture High Contrast

This black and white Capture One styles do more or less the same as the above style but with extra contrast making lines and edges more prominent.

BW Hair Pleaser

The BW Hair Pleaser is a Capture One Style that emphasizes structure and details making it a great style for black and white portraits for subjects with long hair, allowing you to pull forward the texture in hair and fur.

BW High Key Soft

Giving you High Key photos a final lift in the highlights, while maintaining a soft and low contrast look.

BW High Key Structure

The BW High Key Structure style also gives the highlights a final lift but also helps you to bring out the details in your photo.

BW I Feel Lucky

This C1 style is designed to benefit most images by adding slight S-curve of contrast and black and white channel settings that fit a wide range of photos. Nothing extreme with this black and white style, which makes it so useful. Are you in doubt which black and white Capture One Style to apply to your photos, try with this one?

BW Low Key Soft

The BW Low Key Soft style gives the darker areas of your image a bit of extra darkness/black making it easier to achieve a low key look. The style also decreases the contrast and details a bit to give a softer and more glowing look to your photos.

BW Low Key Structure

Another low key C1 style that also gives your photos extra structure to make the brighter parts of low key images include more details.


BW Matte

Our BW Matte style is perfect for black and white images you want to use online as part of a portfolio, blog, or social media feed. The matte look achieved with this style evokes emotions. A great companion for wedding photos, outdoor portraits, and candid photos. The style is designed to give your image a slight haze in the darker tones of your photos resulting in fabulous black and white images for your online presence.

BW Matte Contrast

This style similar to the above but gives your black and white images a more dramatic matte look in Capture One.

BW Matte Toned

Taking the matte look even further by giving it a hint of toning.

BW Silhouette Hero

Make your silhouettes perfect in black and white, by using the BW Silhouette Hero style in Capture One. It lifts the highlights, as well as the yellow and red tones, which are commonly included in silhouette shots, where the sun is low in the sky. By also lowering the darker tones in your photo, the silhouette will stand out with a clear separation from the lit background.

BW Silver Grain

A Capture One style adds a silvery look and adds a bit of artistic grain know from the time when everybody was shooting film photography.

BW Stormy Sunset

Make sunset colors like red and yellow brighter, while making ocean and sky colors darker with the BW Stormy Sunset C1 style for a dramatic sunset image in black and white.

BW Structure & Detail Booster

If you cannot get enough of details and want to emphasize texture a lot in your black and white photos, then this is the Capture One style to try.

Capture One Style Black and White - Structure Details Booster

BW Yellow Boost

Get a boost in the yellow tones to make them stand out even more when converting your image to black and white.

Create Stunning Black and White Images:  Combine Your Photography Skills With Our Black and White Capture One Style Pack

You know what it takes to create amazing black and white compositions. When you remove colors from your images, things like form, shape, texture, and lines become so much more prominent. So try to include those in your photos. Also, look for contrasting colors, to make your subject stand out so much more when you convert your images to black and white.

Got Any Question About How To Install The Capture One Styles

If you got any questions regarding how to import or use the Capture One Styles, please check out this FAQ page. Otherwise, feel free to contact us with any pre-sales questions or hesitations you might have.

Remember that we offer 60 days full refund, with no questions asked.


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