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Capture One Styles Pack – Essentials


With the Capture One Styles Pack – Essentials from Photography-RAW, it is easy to get professional-looking images in a breeze:

  • Kickstart your creative process
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Save time post-processing
  • Discover creative styles and effects
  • Change average JPEGs or RAWs into stunning images
  • Get a consistent look across images from the same shoot
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Get one step ahead with professional Capture One Styles

With the Capture One Essential Styles Pack from Photography-RAW, you can kickstart your creative process and save you loads of processing time. Just like the pro photographers, you will be able to produce amazing, polished images and which gives your photos that “wow” factor.

It is easy. All you need to do is apply the style to either the whole image or a single layer, and adjust the settings to fit your particular look – and your image is ready for publishing or print! What would normally take a long time of fiddling back and forth to try to find that particular look can be achieved in a matter of minutes…. even seconds.

High Value and Professional Quality Capture One Styles

Handcrafted professional Capture One Styles that cover a range of different looks and effects is included in the essential styles. If you only want to invest in one Capture One Style Pack, it should be this one.

  • Other Capture One Style Packs can set you back over $100 dollars. However, the Essential C1 Style pack can be yours for less than just $40.
  • Save time using these C1 styles. What is your hourly rate for photography work?
    What if you could save hours of post-processing time from each photo shoot by using styles? The Photography-RAW Capture One Styles earn their cost back in no time.
  • The styles don’t push your images too far. Instead, they give your images a beautiful and polished look. A great starting point from which you can build your own particular look.
Capture One Style samples

Use the slider to compare the original with for different styles

Full Layers Support

All the Capture One styles work in layers. This means that you can apply styles to layers, and use the power of all the masking tools available in Capture One or use the layer opacity to get specific look you are after.

Capture One Styles Included in the Essentials Style Pack:

  • Blue Killer
  • Bright and Airy
  • Bright and Airy – Extra Soft
  • BW – Clarity in the Mountains
  • BW – Split Toned
  • BW – Over The Bridge
  • BW – Sensitive Bride
  • Classic Vintage
  • Color Grading – Golden Hour Boost
  • Color Grading – Orange Teal
  • Cool Blue Shadow Portrait
  • Cool Gannet Style
  • Cool Skies
  • Desaturated Blue Mood
  • Details Booster
  • Faded Warm
  • Mossy Look
  • Outdoor Elite
  • Pine Forest Faded Portrait
  • Saving the Sadhu
  • Soft and Beautiful on the Lake
  • Soft Bubble Portrait
  • Soft Orange Teal
  • Structured Wedding

Capture One Style Pack

Capture One Styles – FAQ

What version of Capture One do I need?

All the Capture One Styles in this pack work flawlessly with Capture One Pro 10.1.2.

Do I have to use RAW-files or will the styles work on JPEG files, too?

These Capture One Styles work amazingly well on both JPEG and RAW images. However, you can, of course, push RAW files further in post-processing without significant loss of quality.

What Software do I need to use these Styles?

You can import the C1 styles directly into Capture One Pro. Capture One Pro is a popular photo-editing tool for professional photographers.

Can the styles work in Photoshop or Lightroom?

No, Photoshop and Lightroom cannot use Capture One Styles.

How do I import the Capture One Styles?

It’s simple. Just unzip the downloadable product file after purchasing. After unzipping, you will have a file ending with .costylepack. Just double click it to import the style pack into Capture One Pro.

For further information see this guide to using styles in Capture One. See the section on how to import style packs into Capture One.

What if I have a question or need help?

If you get stuck or need help, feel free to contact us. Please, include the name of the product you’re inquiring about and your order number if you’ve made a purchase.


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