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Capture One Styles – Bundle


Capture One Styles Bundle: Stay Efficient and Creative 

  • Save money compared to buying each of our Capture One Styles Packs individually
  • Save time post-processing
  • Unleash your creative side and give yourself a boost of inspiration
  • Give your images the final touch to make them look awesome
  • Get a consistent look across images from the same shoot
  • Use Lightroom or Photoshop actions in batch mode for editing multiple images at a time
  • Use the Photoshop actions for more complex, careful and detailed editing when editing your next fine art masterpiece


Get High-Quality Professional C1 Styles

With the Capture One Styles Bundle, you get ALL of our handcrafted C1 styles available at Photography-RAW.

  • Other Capture One Style Packs can set you back several hundreds of dollars. However, the Essential C1 Style is fairly priced.
  • Save time by getting a complete set of high-quality C1 styles. What is your rate for photography work?
    What if you could save hours of post-processing time from each photo-shoot by using-styles? And also the time it takes to create a set of amazing styles that can support your professional workflow? The Photography-RAW Capture One Styles earn their cost back in no time.
  • High-quality C1 styles, like these, don’t push your images too far. Instead, they give your images an amazing, balanced, and polished look. It’s great starting point from which you can build your own particular look.

The Capture One Styles Bundle Includes the Following C1 Styles Packages:

Capture One Style samples

Essentials Styles C1 Collection contains a package of C1 styles from across different photographic genres and styles packages. The included styles in the Essentials are unique and not part of other packages. You can flexible C1 styles to work with color grading, black and white, wedding, travel, and family photography and so much more.


24 styles are included in the Essentials C1 styles package.


SilverPro Black & White C1 Collection is specifically tailored to make your black and white photos shine, and give them a unique look. Within black and white, there are so many different ways to process your photos. This package helps you the most out of your photos when you convert them to black and white. The black and white C1 styles package works well with both architecture, portraits, landscapes. It includes styles to help you get a high-key or low-key as well as matte looks for black and white photography.


A total of 20 styles are included in the SilverPRO C1 styles package



Full Layers Support included in our C1 styles

All the Capture One styles from Photography-RAW can be used with layers. This means that you can apply a single C1 style to a layer, and then use the power of all the masking tools available in Capture One or the layer opacity to create amazing looks. Better yet, you can add additional layers with other C1 styles for even more creativity.

Capture One Styles – FAQ

What version of Capture One do I need?

All the Capture One Styles in this pack work flawlessly with Capture One Pro 10.1.2 and above.

Do I have to use RAW-files or will the styles work on JPEG files, too?

These C1 styles work amazingly well on both JPEG and RAW images. However, you can, of course, do more with RAW files in post-processing without losing image quality.

What software do I need to use these Styles?

You can import the C1 styles directly into Capture One Pro. Capture One Pro is a popular photo-editing tool for professional photographers.

Can the C1 styles work in Photoshop or Lightroom?

No, Photoshop and Lightroom cannot use C1 Styles.

How do I Import the C1 Styles?

It’s more simple than you probably think. Just unzip the downloadable product files after purchasing. After unzipping, you will have a several files ending with .costylepack. There is one file for each C1 style pack included in the bundle.  Just double click on them one at a time it to import the specific style pack into Capture One Pro.

How Do I Use the C1 Styles?

Click here to learn how to use C1 styles in Capture One.

What if I have a question or need help?

If you get stuck or need help, feel free to check out this FAQ about Capture One styles or simply contact us. Please, include the name of the product you’re inquiring about and your order number if you’ve made a purchase.

Capture One Styles – Bundle


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