Submit Content to Photography-RAW

Submit Content to Photography-RAW

If you got expert knowledge about something relevant to photography, and would like to share your technique, feel free to suggest it to us following the guidelines below.

If we find the article relevant for our readers and the world to see, we will publish it. We primarily focus on practical tutorials that enable the reader to do something new or better after reading the tutorial.

You are likely either a pro or semi-pro photographer, specialized within a genre of photography. If you are a blogger with a passion within photography, we can help you structure your content, so we make sure every relevant aspect of your content is covered.

Guidelines for Guest Writers:

  1. We only access original and unique content.
  2. Pitch 3 topic suggestions. Topics need approval before you begin writing.
  3. Content should be at least 1200 words. If you instead submit a YouTube video, it should be at least 3 min. long, and include a short description of what the video covers.
  4. Submit your properly formatted article in Google Docs format / word format and indicate where you want the images to be inserted.
  5. Images should be included separately in a Google Drive folder/zip file.
  6. Images should be 1200px wide and one featured image with the size of 1920px. Submit your images in jpg 80% quality. Nudity, pornography, and other unsafe content are prohibited. No text or watermarks on top of images, please.
  7. All images must be either properly licensed (perhaps CC), or belong to you, as the author. Images taken from other resources without permission are prohibited.

Guest Blogging Restrictions:

  1. Advertising of any kind is prohibited.
  2. You cannot republish the article on a different platform after we have published it at Photography-RAW.
  3. Two links are allowed in a guest post – one for your website and another for your portfolio.
  4. We reserve the right to modify content as needed and add additional hyperlinks to external resources.

Submit your suggestion to: editor AT, or use the contact form.

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