How To Use Color Theory To Create Stunning Photos?

color-wheel-basic-color-wheelDo you need to upgrade your understanding of how to effectively use color theory in your photography? Here is a little help on how to apply it in your photography. Even though the focus in this article is nature and landscape photography, you can apply these principles in every type of photography.

When you’re starting out in photography, it’s fine to begin by experimenting and following your instincts. But at some point, if you want to continue improving, you’ll need to add a little theory. Knowledge of the Color wheel  is an essential part of any artist’s education, and very relevant to nature and landscape photographers, in particular. Have you ever set up a well-composed shot, that just didn’t look harmonious in print? Have you ever wondered why some scenes call to you while others fall flat? The way you combine colors and contrast them against each other plays a huge role in how we perceive images.

You probably have at least some sense that certain colors “go together” while others “clash,” but those judgments often seem more like a matter of opinion or taste than rules to rely on. By understanding color theory, you’ll take the guesswork out of deciding which to place together in your landscape photographs.

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