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Latest Photography Tips

Best Monopod for Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography requires patience, technical skills, and a good amount of dedicated gear. And while many focus on high-end cameras and lenses, sometimes the monopod does all the work.

Best Settings for Bird Photography

Bird photography can seem to be like a lottery at most times. I’ll share some of the best ways to nail down bird photography. Control the exposure by shooting in manual mode with auto-iso. Use a high shutter speed to set yourself up for succes in bird photography.

Best Nikon Lenses for Bird Photography

Bird photography is unimaginable without the use of a quality telephoto lens. Birds are often tiny, very fast, and since it happens in the wild, there’s no control over the light. There are plenty of bird photography lenses available for everyone who has a good Nikon camera bodys. It all depends on the budget, the shooting style, prime or telephoto choice, and brand preference.

Latest Post-Processing Tips

Develop persona equals to Adobe Camera RAW

Affinity Photo vs Photoshop: Which is the Best Match for You in 2022

In this article, we will dig into the which advanced photo editor, you should choose: Photoshop vs Affinity Photo. It is not a direct head to head comparing of the two applications though. We will look more on what you would miss if you were to switch from Photoshop to Affinity Photo. I think this is where most photographers are. Can we manage with having “just” Affinity Photo, and not Photoshop?

Latest in Camera Gear & Reviews

How Many Photos Can a Memory Card Hold

Although, you don’t pay too much attention to ordinary little accessories such as memory cards and batteries, you should know how many photos a memory card can hold and choose the right card size for your purposes.
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