Affinity Photo Advanced Video Course

Don't settle for mediocre results. Take your editing to a new level with advanced techniques in Affinity Photo

  • Learn PRO techniques like exposure blending, luminosity masks, focus stacking, and color grading and more...
  • 3 hours 30 minutes of video content

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Do you want to learn these advanced functions in Affinity Photo?

  • Blend multiple exposures using "Photoshop-style" luminosity masks, and blend ranges
  • Focus stacking for macro photography (both manual and automatic) 
  • Color grading techniques
  • Blend long exposure light trails into a single image using image stacks
  • Creating macros and batch processing
  • Become a stamp, heal, and inpainting master
  • Create selections from channels

Exposure Blending

In this course, we dig into the world of exposure blending using both "Photoshop-like" luminosity masks and Affinity Photos blend ranges for blending exposures. 

Exposure Blending with Luminosity Mask in Affinity Photo

If you previously used Photoshop, you will likely have felt the hype around using luminosity masks. Affinity Photo chose another approach using blend ranges, but that doesn't mean that you cannot create luminosity masks in Affinity Photo. 

In this video course, I will show you the exact steps to follow and how to use them for exposure blending afterwards. 

Duration: 37m 47s

Exposure Blending with Blend Ranges in Affinity Photo

You also learn to blend two exposures using blend ranges in a tricky case example and combine blend ranges with other masking techniques to refine the exposure blend.

Duration: 18m 22s

Color Grading

Many photographers find it challenging to give their photos a creative look that also looks amazing.

In the chapter on color grading, you will learn color grading techniques that give your image that unique look while using common adjustment tools to their max potential.

In this chapter, you learn multiple techniques for how to color grade using:

  • Curves
  • Color balance
  • HSL layers
  • Blend ranges
  • Blend modes

Duration: 8m 13s

Learn to Create Macros and Batch Process Your Images

Color grading your images becomes so much more powerful when you can give a whole set of images the same color graded look. 

In this chapter, you will learn how to record and organize macros and use the as a basis for batch processing a whole folder of images, automatically applying a set of macros.

Duration: 13m 19s

Focus Stacking Images in Affinity Photo

Learning to focus stack is an essential technique for macro photographers, but is also used in landscape photography. In this Affinity Photo Advanced Video Course, you get two chapters dedicated to focus stacking macro images.

Automatic Focus Stacking

You will learn how to use Affinity Photos focus stacking tool and manually blend a set of hand-held focus-stacked image when Affinity Photo doesn't give you the results you want.

Duration: 12m 37s

Manual Focus Stacking

You will learn how to use Affinity Photos focus stacking tool and manually blend a set of hand-held focus-stacked image when Affinity Photo doesn't give you the results you want.

Duration: 89m 15s

Using Image Stacks to Create Light Trail Images

Explore how you can blend multiple long exposure images into a single long exposure image giving a dramatic effect.

This technique works well for creating amazing light trails and combining multiple "shorter" exposures to create a single long exposure image.

Duration: 13m 20s

Edit Wildlife Photos

I share my process and thoughts about editing wildlife photos including using Nik Collections Color Efex Pro as a way of enhancing your photos (which is optional, of course).

For wildlife photos, I usually use a fairly simple process, but paying attention to finishing touches can lift your photos from good to great.

Duration: 17m 34s

 About the Instructor

I have been using Affinity Photo for my nature and landscape photography for years. Before Affinity Photo, I used Photoshop, which I still use for some jobs that require it. Switching between these two apps enables me to highlight the differences and where Affinity Photo shines. I have a straightforward and concise teaching style and avoids rambling off for hours. Your time is precious, and I don't waste it by showing you a lot of techniques that are not relevant to your photography.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What version of Affinity Photo is this course for?

The advanced course is made for Affinity Photo v. 1.8.

The changes in version 2.0 are minor, when I take into consideration what features I use in my workflow and the way most photographers would process wildlife, macro, or landscape photos. Therefore, the course is not updated for version 2. 

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