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Affinity Photo Tutorials for Photographers

Do you want to become better at using Affinity Photo? We have gathered all of our Affinity Photo tutorials in one spot.

Affinity Photo is perhaps one of the best alternatives to Photoshop. In many ways, the overall workflow is just the same, but costing only $49.95 instead of Photoshop’s subscription model.  However, there are differences. Some features you will find work better in Affinity Photo. Affinity Photo is developed by Serif, which has been in the photo editing software industry for a long time.

Both beginning photographers and someone switching from Photoshop, need to learn how to use Affinity Photo with confidence in order to create amazing photos. Our seasoned users of both Affinity Photo have created a number of free Affinity Photo tutorials to help you get the most out of Affinity Photo.

Affinity Photo is still a fairly new photo editor compared to other software. However,  it has its own steady user base and a growing community. You will not find as many high-quality tutorials for Affinity Photo as you will for other more seasoned photo editors.

We cover everything from how to crop, working with layers and masks, to using adjustment layers. Each Affinity Photo tutorial will help you improve your image editing skills. Our tutorials are written for the desktop version, but iPad users should be able to use them as well.

A common feature of all the Affinity Photo tutorials you can find on Photography-RAW, is that they are written for photographers, by photographers. We don't have a lot of Affinity Photo tutorials using vector graphics, or creating artwork using Affinity Photo.

Affinity Photo 1.9 and Luminar 4 have different perspectives on photo editing. The first aims to provide advanced tools for adjusting and fine-tuning each aspect of your photos. The second embraces Artificial Intelligence (AI) and aims to provide automatic tools for fast and efficient editing without too much human intervention. Both of them claim to be the one and only photo editor a photographer needs.

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Affinity Photo includes exquisite text tools because at some point any photographer needs them. You may think a photographer’s job starts and ends with taking amazing pictures but you’d be wrong. Photographers have to know how and where to publish their photos, how to protect copyright, how to promote themselves on social media channels, and how to maintain the audience interested. In order to do all that, you need to know how to work with text

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AFFINITY PHOTO Workflow Video Course

Stop fumbling around in Affinity Photo Begin to use it like a PRO

$29.00 $24.00

Are you considering to try Affinity Photo? Then read this full Affinity Photo review. Learn about the pros and cons of Affinity Photo. We rate Affinity Photo on a set of parameters like user-experience, price, features, workflow, and integration and plugin support in this extensive Affinity Photo Review.

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In this article, we will dig into the which advanced photo editor, you should choose: Photoshop vs Affinity Photo. It is not a direct head to head comparing of the two applications though. We will look more on what you would miss if you were to switch from Photoshop to Affinity Photo. I think this is where most photographers are. Can we manage with having “just” Affinity Photo, and not Photoshop?

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NEW AFFINITY PHOTO Advanced Video Course

  • Master Luminosity Masks, Blend Ranges,
    Manual Blending, Color Grading and more...
  • 3 hours 30 min. video course

$29.00 $24.00

Download a FREE e-book: 25 Techniques All Photographers Should Master Sharpening is one of the hardest post-processing steps to understand for many photographers. There are several pitfalls and obstacles to overcome in order to take your sharpening skills to a professional level. When should you sharpen, to get the best … Read more

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We will continuously add even more of the best Affinity Photo Tutorials targeted to photographers. Let us know if there is a particular tutorial on Affinity Photo that you would like to see. If it is not one of the topics that we have dedicated for our Affinity Photo Workflow Video course or Advanced course, then we will consider adding it to our already extensive collection of free Affinity Photo Tutorials.

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