Affinity Photo Tutorials

Affinity Photo Tutorials for Photographers

Do you want to become better at using Affinity Photo? We have gathered all of our Affinity Photo tutorials in one spot.

Affinity Photo is developed by Serif, which has been in the photo editing software industry for a long time.

Both beginning photographers and someone switching from Photoshop, need to learn how to use Affinity Photo with confidence in order to create amazing photos. Our seasoned users of both Affinity Photo have created a number of free tutorials to help you get the most out of Affinity Photo.

We cover everything from raw file editing in the Develop persona, how to use the crop tool, photo manipulation with the Liquify persona, working with pixel layers and masks, and over to using adjustment layers. Most work is done in the Photo persona. Finally, we also cover how you can easily create different image versions when you want to export your images.

You will also find advanced Affinity Photo tutorials learning you how to work with HDR images or changing blend mode, or working with live filters. 

For video tutorials take a look at our beginner and advanced video courses, which show you the ins and outs of editing your photos.

AFFINITY PHOTO Workflow Video Course

Stop fumbling around in Affinity Photo Begin to use it like a PRO

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We will continuously add even more tutorials targeted to photographers. Let us know if there is a particular tutorial on Affinity Photo that you would like to see. If it is not one of the topics that we have dedicated for our Affinity Photo Workflow Video course or Advanced course, then we will consider adding it to our already extensive collection of free tutorials.

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